Gene Cunningham - September 24, 2010

Prototype of the Holy Spirit is Jesus Christ Himself

Joh 7:37-39 The Feast of Tabernacles is when Jesus says this. The priest would pour water on the alter, symbolizing that they were still waiting for this promise. On the eighth day of the feast the people would wait in silence. That was when Jesus called this out. Jesus was very clear about His deity and Messiah-ship.

God has a work for you to accomplish, that no one else can accomplish. 

This age began in act 2:1-4 1pe 1:10-12 The prototype is Jesus Himself.  Phi 2:5-11 Luk 3:16 Luk 3:21-22 Eph 1:6 God accepts me as if I was His own Son. Joh 3:34 1jo 2:27 Luk 4:1 Began with anointing, moved to the filling. Being filled with the Holy Spirit means He is in command.  1Pe 3:15 Luk 4:1 After filling comes drive. Luk 4:14 Anointing leads to filling which leads to guiding which leads through fight which leads to the victory which leads to power. Luk 4:16-22 This is how it is to happen for us. We receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit, then we are to be filled with the Holy Spirit. rom 8:15 From the filling comes the leading, and with the leading we go into the conflict. God has planned every conflict for victory. He has anointed us for ministry to reach those enslaved. Joh 14:12 Has my life ever portrayed greater works? How much greater to give sight to the soul of another, to help another’s soul walk who was crippled.

Scripture References: Ephesians 1:6, Luke 4:16-22, Luke 3:21-22, Luke 4:14, Luke 3:16, Luke 4:1, Philippians 2:5-11, Luke 4:1, Acts 2:1-4, John 2:27, John 14:12, John 7:37-39, John 3:34, Romans 8:15

From Series: "Ride with the Wind - A Study of the Holy Spirit - Texas 2010"

The class titles for the Texas 2010 conference are as follows. 1. Oct 1 Prototype of the Holy Spirit is Jesus Christ Himself. Luke 3 4 2. Oct 1 The Spirit as Wind- regeneration. John 3 3. Oct 2 The Spirit as Wind- regeneration contd. John 3 4. Oct 2 The Spirit as Water- cleansing and refreshing. John 13 5. Oct 2 The Spirit as Fire- Illumination. John 14:15-21 Eph 1:15-18 6. Oct 2 The Spirit as Oil- fruit bearing. John 15 7. Oct 3 The Spirit as Dove- teacher and encourager. John 15:26-27 Mat 10 John 16:7-14; 2Co 5

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