Gene Cunningham - February 1, 2003

Precious Promises Perilous Times #2

Precious Promises Perilous Times #2

2Pe 1:1-4 God's grace provisions give us everything to live the life God intends -- godliness -- reflecting Christ (1Ti 3:16). God channels his blessing to us through His promises (2Pe 1:4, e.g., Rom 8:28). "Partaker" - active participant of the outworking of His nature. Three verbs "obtained" (2Pe 1:1), "called" (2Pe 1:3), "having escaped" (2Pe 1:4) all happened together. "Glory and virtue" is His life and nature powerfully displayed (2Pe 1:3). (1) Jesus Christ is the source and center of our spiritual life. (2) We enter His grace by faith and in so doing we find peace (Rom 5:1-2). (3) To grow in experiential knowledge leads to a display of Divine power. (4) The objective of the spiritual life is to become like Jesus Christ.

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Scripture References: Romans 5:1-2, Romans 8:28

From Series: "2nd Peter - Precious Promises Perilous Times - Northern VA - 2009"

These lessons were given at the Northern Virginia conference in the Spring of 2009. The theme of 2nd Peter is the great need for personal spiritual growth in a time when false teachers and teachings were infiltrating the early church (2Pe 1:5 with 2Pe 3:18). Key words/phrases relevant to spiritual growth are ?grace and peace? which can be ?multiplied? as we grow in the ?knowledge? of our Lord and exercise due ?diligence? in the practice of spiritual ?love.? As a method of instruction Peter emphasizes the necessity of reminder and repetition (2Pe 1:12-13 2Pe 1:15; 2Pe 3:1-2).

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