Gene Cunningham - December 7, 2023

Mary's Song - The Magnificat

Scripture! She's beginning to add up the facts she knows of scripture. Being a young Jewish woman, you know, there wasn't a lot of training. A young man, on the other hand, was trained in the law. Before a young man’s bar mitzvah, he got some intensive training, but not so much a young woman. Something interesting, however, is revealed in the Song of Mary (Luke 1:46-55). There are 15 direct references and allusions to Old Testament scriptures. Off the top of her head, she begins to sing a song composed of fifteen Old Testament texts. Anybody here want to try that? We might get John 3:16 and a couple of others. Mary was obviously a scholar of scripture, and likely, because she was not pushed into knowing the law like a boy would be, she was probably searching on her own. To me this means she loved the word of God!

Scripture References: Luke 1:46-55

From Series: "Christmas 2023"

People often ask how we can know that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. My answer is always the same, “Look at the record of the prophets.” It is reasonably certain that at least 25% of our Bible is made up of prophecy, while some suggest as much as 60% or more. There are many passages that have prophetic shadows and implications that are not specifically considered prophecies. Let’s take the words of Zacharias as a challenge to reflect on just a few of the prophecies concerning the coming and incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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