Gene Cunningham - May 20, 2003

Losing To Gain #2

Philippians - Losing To Gain - June 2008

Phi 3:7-8 implies progression -- "advantages and achievements" mentioned in Phi 3:4-6. Paul expresses confidence because of what the Philippians had been doing regarding giving and devotion (Phi 1:6, Phi 4:19). Suffering is inevitable; joy is optional - "set before you" -- victory that hasn't yet come. Paul didn't come up with losing to gain on his own; he received it from Christ (2Ti 2:12, Mat 5:12). A disciple is a learner (Phi 4:11) and being conformed to the image of Christ (Rom 8:29). Every command in the epistles are aimed at the goal of conformity. Jesus Christ is the grand example to be followed (Phi 3:17). Four "ifs" followed by four "let"; you have to allow God to fill, empower, and make you whole (Phi 2:1-4). We can appropriate the same attitude that Christ had which carried Him through His suffering (Phi 2:5-11). Death begins when flesh is on the throne. Life is in Christ (Gal 2:20). Humility is giving up what is advantage to you to serve someone else. Condescension -- identifying with the neediest and vialest of people; "He bore in His body" and "became sin for us". Obedience -- he became mediator (1Ti 2:5) and saviour as an example to those who follow Him. The result is exultation from the Father. Mindset is everything (Phi 2:21). Paul's "gain" was (1) the Philippians (Phi 1:3-8); (2) assisting them in their walk (Phi 1:9), (3) unrivaled historical impact on friend and foe alike (Phi 1:13-18), (4) a confidence and boldness that took advantage of opportunities in life (Phi 1:19-26)

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