Gene Cunningham - May 20, 2003

Losing To Gain #1

Philippians - Losing To Gain - June 2008

Phi 3:7-8 -- The value of Christ devalues everything else (Luk 9:23, Mat 6:24, Luk 14:23). We have to be convinced of the loving care of the Father (Mat 6:26-30). In this present life we can have great gains (Rom 14:17). We have to recognize eternal profit from temporary loss. (Mat 13:44). "things that were gain to me... I count as loss for Christ" means worthless assets exchanged for great gain. Parables showing selling all to attain the prize wanted (Mat 13:44-45). The treasure is the surpassing value of knowing Christ. The loss is a radical change of mind regarding value. The gain is the great joy and priceless possession that cannot be lost. 3 qualities of discipleship: (1) ability to identify things of eternal spiritual value - character and relationship; (2) we need to be determined to take hold of things worth having; (3) we need to have a precipitous haste regardless of how unreasonable it seems. "and be found in Him" a relationship verse -- God visiting us personally - finding us in fellowship (Phi 3:9-11). Paul wants to experience the resurrection (personal presence and power) of Christ. Resurrection demands death (Rom 6:4). Philippians is a call to unconditional surrender to Christ (Phil 3:17).

Scripture References: Romans 14:17, Matthew 6:26-30, Philippians 3:17, Luke 14:23, Romans 6:4, Matthew 6:24, Philippians 3:9-11, Luke 9:23, Matthew 13:44-45, Philippians 3:7-8, Matthew 13:44

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