Gene Cunningham - May 23, 2000

Living Sacrifice 35

Even believers with good teaching may not live each day expecting Christ's imminent return. It's vital we understand the promises. (1Pe 1:13) "gird your minds for action" (same word "gird" in Luk 12:35). " fix your hope completely". We have to be girded by the belt of truth (Eph 6:14). Everything we need has been given by God (Col 2:10, 2Pe 1:4) at the point of salvation. We are "girded" when we have our eye focused on Christ's return. Crowns and rewards are our birthright, though we can lose them. Thieves are coming (Mat 24:42-51); our soul is the house and it's under attack. We need to be alert to not lose our birthright. Three sleeps in the Bible: (1) death of the believer (1Co 15:51, 1Th 4:13); (2) Biblical ignorance is called sleep (1Th 5:6, 1Th 5:10); (3) Spiritual apostasy is called sleep (Eph 5:14). Thieves that rob us (1) time thieves (Eph 5:16) "redeeming the time" -- we need to live productively, serving while waiting (1Th 1:9-10). (2) production thieves (Mat 13:22) -- worry and anxiety are thieves and choke fruit (Mat 13:22); (3) dedication thieves (Mat 6:31-33) -- "seek first the kingdom"; (4) thieves of our reward -- we can lose our reward; we can't add anything to heaven; everything is already there (Col 2:18); Our tears are wiped away at the new heaven and new earth; we'll suffer loss during the millennium (5) thieves of our conscience (1Ti 1:19) "fight the good fight" so our faith is not shipwrecked; (6) thieves of your crown (Rev 3:11) -- we already have it - the inheritance and the promises; (7) thieves of life's work from God (1Co 3:13). If we don't live expectantly our life's work is burned. (8) thieves of our readiness (Luk 17:26-27) - preoccupation with common things - "...eating, drinking, marraige....; (9) thieves of life (Col 2:8); slaves have no life; slavery of a human religion is example. (10) thieves of blessings (Heb 12:15-16); we barter away our birthright daily; (11) thieves of our stability (2Th 2:1-2); we are deceived by false teaching; (12) thieves of our love for God (2Ti 3:2-4) - we love other things: money, self, pleasure (1Jo 2:15). If Christ finds us living expectantly (Mat 24:46-47), we'll be rewarded. God is concerned about what we are. When we don't live expectantly (i.e., an "evil slave"), we abuse others, are self-indulgent and lose our rewards (Mat 24:48-51). We're seated with the hypocrites at the wedding feast. We need hope (Heb 11:1) "...all these died in faith, having not received the promises..." (Heb 11:13). Claiming the promises changed their lives - they witnessed, professed and experienced the promises in part. The best we can experience of the promises can't compare to their ultimate fulfillment at His coming (2Co 4:1, Psa 37:4).

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From Series: "Living Sacrifice (1995)"

Romans 12 and specifically Rom 12:1-2 is a pivot point between the doctrinal section and application of the book. This series methodically uses this passage to outline aspects or doctrines of the christian life -- God's provision and our prospect. Our lives can be acceptable to God if we progress on the path He intends. Living Sacrifice presents 12 doctrines: (1) redeeming time; (2) standing (positional truth); (3) self-presentation - availability; (4) approval; (5) service; (6) provision; (7) spiritual warfare; (8) conformity; (9) spiritual advance; (10) renewal; (11) divine guidance; (12) abundant life.

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