Gene Cunningham - May 23, 2000

Living Sacrifice 34

Rom 12:1-2 Jesus Christ is the living sacrifice, having presented His body that brings salvation (Tit 2:11, Heb 10:5). Once you lose the hope of His return, the Christian life loses its vitality. Our focus on His coming in Christ is our fulfillment (2Co 4:16-18). You won't find fulfillment in what you wish for; things in this world cannot give what doesn't belong in the world (2Ti 4:7). The faithful servant (Luk 12:35-36) finishes to the end. We take our rightful place at the celebration feast with the Lord when he comes (Luk 12:37-38). We have a need to be ready and avoid those who will rob you (Luk 12:39-40). His coming is the treasure; evil can rob us when we live for this day and lose the blessed hope (Mat 24:42-48, 2Pe 3:3-4). We try to gain from our associations "beat them" when we deny His imminent return. We become self-indulgent and live for ourselves (Mat 24:48-51). Characteristics of those losing the focus and blessed hope: (1) evil - in attitude and treatment of others; (2) self-indulgence; (4) tries by self-discipline to no avail; (4) association with the world (Rom 12:2); (5) will be surprised when He comes (1Jn 2:28). Outcome at the feast --will be seated with hypocrites. In the parable: the house is our soul; we are the head of our house; we must defend the blessings given us; we have crowns, but will lose them if we're not faithful (1Pe 1:4); our house/soul is under attack; there are thieves; are you alert? living expectantly? What are we "doing" when He comes (Mat 24:46)? -- living expectantly. The promises are completely fulfilled in eternity (Heb 11:13).

Scripture References: Luke 12:39-40, Hebrews 11:13, Luke 12:37-38, Matthew 24:46, Luke 12:35-36, John 2:28, Hebrews 10:5, Romans 12:2, Titus 2:11, Matthew 24:48-51, Romans 12:1-2, Matthew 24:42-48

From Series: "Living Sacrifice (1995)"

Romans 12 and specifically Rom 12:1-2 is a pivot point between the doctrinal section and application of the book. This series methodically uses this passage to outline aspects or doctrines of the christian life -- God's provision and our prospect. Our lives can be acceptable to God if we progress on the path He intends. Living Sacrifice presents 12 doctrines: (1) redeeming time; (2) standing (positional truth); (3) self-presentation - availability; (4) approval; (5) service; (6) provision; (7) spiritual warfare; (8) conformity; (9) spiritual advance; (10) renewal; (11) divine guidance; (12) abundant life.

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