Gene Cunningham - May 23, 2000

Living Sacrifice 21

As a priest, Isaiah's pen was a weapon in the arsenal of God (Isa 49:1-3, Heb 4:12). Isaiah went through private testings from God to work the reflection of Christ - "polished shaft" (Isa 49:2, 1Pe 1:5-7). Isaiah called himself a "Sharp sword" as God's short-range weapon, and a "polished arrow" as the long-distance impact. God vindicates Isaiah's faithfulness (Isa 49:4). God has selected us as weapons of righteousness in His arsenal; He wants to use us in the spiritual conflict (Rom 6:16). "Righteousness or Rightness" means right relation to God. Two distortions of the Grace of God: (1) "you can live in the power of the sin nature" (Rom 5:20; Rom 6:1-14); we've died to the sin nature (2) "shall we sin sporadically?" (Rom 6:15-23). Counters to the distortions of Grace -- three stages: (1) we have to begin with accurate knowledge of Christ (Rom 6:3, Rom 6:6, Rom 6:9); we've died with Christ, been buried and raised with Him (Rom 6:6-12); (2) We have to make a decision of commitment (Rom 6:11) - "reckon" (Rom 4:3); (3) we need to present ourselves (Rom 6:13-16, Rom 12:1) -- be obedience to the faith; keys: consistency, spirituality, weaponry, freedom (Rom 6:14, Gal 5:1). To "present ourselves", we become slaves to the will of God (Rom 6:19). Examples of those who "presented themselves": Abraham (Gen 22:1); Moses (Exo 3:4); Samuel (1Sa 3:9-10), and Mary (Luk 1:38). Presenting ourselves requires the desire to do the will of God (Joh 7:17). Doing the will of God is the key to effectiveness or success in God's plan (Joh 9:1-41). Pursuit of God's will is the key to wisdom (Eph 5:10) -- we need to seek to learn the will of God (Jer 29:13) then we'll understand and walk in wisdom (Eph 5:17; Eph 5:15). The desire for God's will is the key to effective prayer (Joh 9:31, 1Jo 5:14-15). Example of desire (Mat 26:29-42); self-presentation is pictured by taking up your cross; this is like picking up your compass.

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From Series: "Living Sacrifice (1995)"

Romans 12 and specifically Rom 12:1-2 is a pivot point between the doctrinal section and application of the book. This series methodically uses this passage to outline aspects or doctrines of the christian life -- God's provision and our prospect. Our lives can be acceptable to God if we progress on the path He intends. Living Sacrifice presents 12 doctrines: (1) redeeming time; (2) standing (positional truth); (3) self-presentation - availability; (4) approval; (5) service; (6) provision; (7) spiritual warfare; (8) conformity; (9) spiritual advance; (10) renewal; (11) divine guidance; (12) abundant life.

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