Gene Cunningham - May 23, 2000

Living Sacrifice 04

Our goal is to prove the will of God in our life (Rom 12:1-2). In union with Christ 2Co 5:14-17 we are a new creature and are to live for Him.  We are uniquely gifted. Every Christian has a ministry to fulfill His plan and purpose (1Co 12:5-7). Danger in planning our lives without taking into account the brevity of it and the plan of God (Jam 4:13-17). We must seek to do His will with a sense of urgency (Joh 7:17). We need to be daily seeking God's will by prayer and develop a sense of urgency (Joh 9:4). Believer dedicated to God's will (i.e., walking in the light) proves to himself, to the world, and to the fallen realm it is perfect (Joh 8:12, 1Jo 1:7). Man is by his nature after the fall arrogant (Jam 4:16). Biggest battle in history is the battle of wills starting with Satan (Isa 14:12-13). Arrogance is self-centered rather than Christ-centered, and disregards the will of God.

10 rules for time management: recognize and act on the knowledge that: (1) root cause of using time wisely is bad habit; (2) control your own time or someone else will; (3) you can only spend time, not save it; you can invest your time in eternity; (4) it necessary to learn to say "No" (Rom 12:2); (5) if you don't have time to plan you can't be efficient with time; you need to take God's will into account; (6) you must organize your time or lose it; (7) recognize the dollar value of time -- "lay up treasures in heaven"; (8) time is the greatest resource we have; (9) continual courage is needed to overcome time wasters -- to wring out the value of a day; (10) the key to successful management is to build good habits. The Ephesian Agora -- market -- was available to anyone. The wise person in the marketplace of life chooses to keep on purchasing, redeeming time (Eph 5:16 - exagoroazo - a habit which forms your character). We were once in darkness, but are now transferred into light (Eph 5:8-15, Col 1:13, 1Co 15:22). He has transferred us out of the realm of darkness into the light by faith. In Adam all die; in Christ all are made alive. Believers are "dead" if unfruitful (Eph 5:9-13). Jesus refused to cast His pearls before swine (Mat 7:6); He searched for good soil (Mar 1:35-38). The "sleeper" is the believer out of fellowship and "unfruitful" from eternal perspective (Eph 5:14). We need to be vigilant, and wise to redeem the time because the days are evil (Eph 5:15). We are "wise" and "acceptable" to the Lord if we redeem the time (Eph 5:16-18). (1) Believers are commanded to redeem time (Eph 5:16); (2) Redeeming time is necessary because days are evil (Eph 5:16) and time is short (1Co 7:29); and opportunity is passing (Col 4:5). (3) 7 ways to redeem time: by filling of the spirit (Eph 5:18); study God's word (Rom 12:2); applying the word of God (1Pe 2:15); endurance suffering through faith rest (Rom 8:18); prayer (Jam 5:15-18, Eph 6:18, Heb 13:15); submission to authority (Eph 6:1-2, 1Co 11:3); function your spiritual gift  (1Ti 1:6, 1Ti 4:14). 5 reasons to have a sense of urgency: (1) time is short; (2) failure possibility is real; (3) loss is greatest in eternity; (4) loss at the judgement seat is shame; (5) redeemed time is all you can take with you.

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From Series: "Living Sacrifice (1995)"

Romans 12 and specifically Rom 12:1-2 is a pivot point between the doctrinal section and application of the book. This series methodically uses this passage to outline aspects or doctrines of the christian life -- God's provision and our prospect. Our lives can be acceptable to God if we progress on the path He intends. Living Sacrifice presents 12 doctrines: (1) redeeming time; (2) standing (positional truth); (3) self-presentation - availability; (4) approval; (5) service; (6) provision; (7) spiritual warfare; (8) conformity; (9) spiritual advance; (10) renewal; (11) divine guidance; (12) abundant life.

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