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Living by Faith Under Hostile Goverment #2

Daniel - Living by Faith under a Hostile Government - Florida 2009

What if you are in the worst of situations, alone, how would you meet those conditions and circumstances you’ll come across? 

Daniel and his friends had stored the Word in their heart, and leaned on each other too.

Having or using discernment is a great treasure.

DAN 1:1-21 Daniel purposed in his heart, took a stand.


-we need to see history and our time from God’s perspective DAN 1:1-4 Verse 1 is on a human plane, but verse 2 shows us God’s perspective. It is God who has allowed us to be where we are today, and He has a purpose for history. ROM 8:28 Look at the context. Why? How? When we can look at our time and know that God can work any situation for good, and we see our situation from God’s perspective we can make wise decisions

2CO 4:17-18

Build your life on the things that will never change, not the things that always change.

-Daniel’s discernment related to his decisions DAN 1:8-9 His decisions are based on discernment, and God is already there ahead of him making the way. Daniel and his friends were prospered more in their captivity than where they were before. If God wants to lift you up, no one can keep you down. It was Daniel’s captivity that made him have to go into his mind and soul for what he had stored there beforehand. Decision is the greatest power God has given us. Every decision is like a seed planted, wise decisions to blessing, poor decisions to cursing


-Lev 11:41-45 Dietary laws. Respond in wisdom instead of reaction to circumstances.

Dan 1:11-14 Daniel’s affect lasted even to when Jesus was born. His prophecy let the magi know that the Messiah had arrived. There may be times to proposing a possibility or alternative.

Rest in God’s placement of you wherever you are. He is wise, He knows where you are and what you need. He knows your doubts and struggles, and He has the wisdom and power to provide for our every need. Dan 1:17-20 God only needs our availability.

1PE 1:1-12 They were the people God chose to be put in that position. It says that God has chosen you to be where you are today, along with the circumstances and situations.


Purpose in v.2

-according to the foreknowledge of God, He knows how to match every person for the time they should live in

-by the Spirit’s sanctifying work, to set you apart, refine you for His purpose

-the obedience and sprinkling of Jesus’ blood, for those you’ll have an impact on

Peter’s not encouraging these people by the future glory they will receive, but instead that as you are refined by trials, Jesus will be revealed more to you, which will lead to His glory

At=through or by means of, immediate and urgent, He offers deliverance through what you’re going through now

God lets you go through the fire to set you free, and give us deeper fellowship with Christ.

Would you pass up future trials if it meant not gaining the deep meaningful experience and relationship with Christ, and would bring others to Him too?


Points of application:

-discernment is not a gift, it is the reward of consistent spirituality HEB 5:14

-the ability to discern is based on the ability to know myself, and as God knows me. Do not think more highly of yourself than you are. Do not miss your value in God’s eyes either. To Him you are worth His Son dying on the cross.

-When we learn to live our life on the basis of the price that God paid, and the power He displayed in the Resurrection, my life will be on track. (What am I worth? And What power is available to me?)

-The skill of discernment can come only from the knowledge of God’s Word JER 15:19 EZE 44:23

No one can take from me anything that really matters because the things that matter to me are the things no one can take from me.

Scripture References: Daniel 1:8-9, Ezekiel 44:23, Romans 8:28, Jeremiah 15:19, Daniel 1:1-4, Hebrews 5:14, Daniel 1:1-21, Daniel 1:17-20, Daniel 1:11-14, Leviticus 11:41-45

From Series: "Daniel - Living by Faith under a Hostile Government - Florida 2009"

This series was given at Lighthouse Point Florida in February 2009.

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