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Living by Faith Under Hostile Goverment #1

Daniel - Living by Faith under a Hostile Government - Florida 2009

Our world is treacherous and like uncharted territory. As we go to the Word, we can find security, stability, a sense of humor and hope. Our future will be an incredible challenge, but God will use it to refine us. EPH 1:3 Everything we have can be taken from us and lost, but what we have in our soul, our riches in Christ, no one can take away.

We find ourselves living by faith in adverse circumstances, in persecution, when everything is ripped out of your hands. The four young men in Daniel had these happen to them, and they met their trials with faith and faithfulness.

Daniel watched his nation be destroyed from within and without, and saw everything he had destroyed. He was only left with the resources He had in his soul, and he had a choice what he was going to do. We can’t pass on what we haven’t already received ourselves.

8 reasons to study Daniel:

-Key to understanding all future prophecy

-Three of the four distinct histories in the Bible: history of angels, history of gentile nations, history of Israel. Only the history of the church is not mentioned (because it was a mystery until the time of the apostles)

-Historical section in chapters 1-6 are filled with object lessons we need for today

-prophetic section from chapters 7-12 helps us see where we are in history, and have the assurance in Christ that He has the final victory

-shines a great light on understanding/interpreting the book of Revelation

-Daniel and Revelation show Jesus is the center of History and the redemption of man, the key to our purpose

-we see the growing apostasy and revived nation of Israel, and pressure toward one world government. We are the last generation.

-Daniel’s and his friends’ dedication and steadfastness is an example to us of God’s purpose for our lives

1PE 1:1-9 ACT 8:1-3 ACT 8:4

A witness is not someone who wins souls but rather someone who points people to the answer: Jesus Christ.

We need to learn to fix our minds on these things in 1PE 1:1-9 instead of the circumstances of the world.

We see these four young men, taken to Babylon for the purpose of training and to give insight for controlling the kingdom. Daniel decided not to defile himself. DAN 1:8 When Daniel purposed in his heart, he became a lightning rod for persecution, and a magnet to those who were searching for the answer.

Scripture References: Daniel 1:8, Acts 8:4, Acts 8:1-3, Ephesians 1:3

From Series: "Daniel - Living by Faith under a Hostile Government - Florida 2009"

This series was given at Lighthouse Point Florida in February 2009.

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