Gene Cunningham - June 9, 2000

Life of Moses #22

The Christian faith and life is founded on the cross of Christ (Luk 9:23). You can't following Him without picking up the cross. Resurrection comes after crucifixion. "Ought not Christ to have suffered these things, and enter into His glory?" (Luk 24:25-27). Jesus used the Old Testament to show the disciples that the things that happened had to come to pass (Luk 24:44). The nation of Israel never picked up the spiritual life but stayed carnal. Moses begins to complain -- he reacted to the people rather than responding to the Lord (Num 11:10-15). God allows Moses to have 70 elders at this point. (Num 11:16-17). The person of Christ is generally reflected in Moses -- humility and meekness (Num 12:1-7). Humility relates to God, but meekness is how we act. Meekness is complete surrender to the will of God; submission to God's power (Mat 11:28-29). The Lord declares Moses faithfulness as a servant (Num 12:7). Christ was faithful as the Son (Heb 3:1-6). If we take the yoke of Jesus Christ we will learn from Him and will be transformed as a result in to a living reflection of Christ (2Co 3:18). (1) Moses illustrated the cross by the passover. The passover Lamb looks foward to the cross (Exo 12, Joh 1:29, Joh 10:9). (2) Moses also illustrates the shape of the cross within the tabernacle (implements are symbols too), but also in the arrangement of the tribes (Num 2:1-34). (3) The third way Moses illustrates the cross. The people we frustrated with the length of the journey and manna(Num 21:4-5). Every affliction in our life is designed to drive us to faith - to look to the person of Christ for solution. God has promised to meet all our needs -- we stray most when we're in prosperity. Complaining was the chief sin of the people of Israel; God's judgement was severe. Moses set up a bronze serpent in the center of the camp (Num 21:5-9). This is (a) not logical, (b) not attractive, nor (c) scientific, (d) not religious nor works-based. The world that is dying around us, like those bitten by the serpents, they only need look to the cross (Joh 3:10-15). Jesus becomes sin in our place (e.g bronze serpent).

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From Series: "Life of Moses"

After 40 years in the Egyptian palace then 40 years in the desert then 40 years leading Israel to their land Moses' life can actually teach us about living in the time we live.

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