Gene Cunningham - June 9, 2000

Life of Moses #17

(Exo 19:1-25) Mosaic law came 430 years after the Abraham covenant; the covenant doesn't abrogate God's promises to Abraham (Gal 3:13-15). Abraham marks to start of the Age of Israel which extends to the time of Christ. The church has not replaced Israel. Abrahamic covenant showed the way of faith (Rom 4:1-3, Gal 3:6) through the writing of scripture. The law shows us our sinfulness (Rom 5:20). Preparation for receiving the law (Exo 19:1-2); Moses is the mediator a picture of Christ (Deu 18:15). Angels were also mediators (Gal 3:19; Act 7:53, Heb 2:2). Men need a mediator (Job 9:32). Job knew the mediator was coming (Job 19:25-26). Christ is the ultimate mediator (1Ti 2:1-7). A mediator is equal to both parties. Christ knows us best, understands everything, and still loves us. He has given us one law -- the law of faith (Jam 4:11). God initiated redemption and reminds Israel of His protection -- "wings" represents God's care and deliverance (Exo 19:4, Psa 17:8, Psa 91:1). God is pictured as the father eagle (Deu 32:10-12). God's objective is to produce a unique people (Exo 19:5-9). Jesus warned that Israel failed the conditional Mosaic covenant (Mat 21:42-44). Peter explains that Divine purpose carried foward to the new covenant -- producing a unique people -- the purpose passed on by Grace through faith (1Pe 2:2-10). The flaw in the law (Rom 8:3) was the flesh -- it could not impart power to keep it. The law can command but cannot enable, save, justify, nor make righteousness; it only shows the barrier (Exo 19:10-25). Moses was unique as prophet (Deu 34:10); only One would surpass (Joh 1:14). The merits of Christ are the basis for the new covenant.

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From Series: "Life of Moses"

After 40 years in the Egyptian palace then 40 years in the desert then 40 years leading Israel to their land Moses' life can actually teach us about living in the time we live.

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