Gene Cunningham - June 9, 2000

Life of Moses #11

Dedication of the firstborn (Exo 13:1-10). First-born received special blessing, and responsibilities (Gen 48:18). The rights of the first-born -- primogeniture (Deu 21:15-17). First-born rights: priesthood (spiritual leadership), rulership, inheritance or double portion. Reuben lost his firstborn status (Gen 49:3). "Consecrate to Me all the firstborn" man and beast are included (Exo 13:2, Rom 8:21-23). Firstborn slain in Egypt a picture of curse of sin; those delivered, a picture of redemption. Sanctification has fellowship in view; firstborn privilege pictures redemption but includes a purpose -- hence the memorial. Israel was to remember the deliverance. Not look back at Egypt as what they "lost". Redemption has an expectation (Exo 13:5); it looks forward to the plan of God (1Co 5:7, 1Co 11:26). Redemption involves a testimony (Exo 13:6-7)-- a declaration of our dependence of God. Holiness means "wholesome", complete, or full -illustrated in the seven days of unleavened bread - really a fast -- denying other opportunities -- the seventh day was a "feast to the Lord". Fellowship is reward in His presence. A life of sanctification and sacrifice is "reasonable" service (Rom 12:1). It's only impossible if done in the body. God struck the first-born because it was "the best" they had. Redemption comes at a price (Exo 13:11-16). The option is death or redemption.

Scripture References: Genesis 48:18, Exodus 13:6-7, Exodus 13:1-10, Exodus 13:5, Romans 8:21-23, Exodus 13:2, Genesis 49:3, Exodus 13:11-16, Deuteronomy 21:15-17, Romans 12:1

From Series: "Life of Moses"

After 40 years in the Egyptian palace then 40 years in the desert then 40 years leading Israel to their land Moses' life can actually teach us about living in the time we live.

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