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Joshua # 07 -- Jos 5:1-13

Joshua # 07 -- Jos 5:1-13

Joshua is a text book on living the victorious life (Jos 1:5-9). "Yeshua (Jesus)" is the Greek for "Joshua" in Hebrew. He is a type of Christ. As a military commander, he leads the children of Israel into the promised Land. What Christ did on the cross, He did for each individual. A single life is valued by God (Joh 3:16). Land of Canaan represents the spiritual maturity. The crossing of the Red Sea was a picture of redemption. Crossing the Jordan is a reminder of salvation as a witness and testimony. You can go through life as "a victim", or you can pursue the plan of God and win. Enemies in Canaan "hearts melted" because Israel (Jos 5:1). Any stronghold God brings you up against, He intends you to overcome (2Co 10:4). People will mock and scorn you, but when Jesus returns they will recognize Him (1Pe 3:12) and consign themselves to hell. The Exodus generation chose to become complainers and "victims".

Those who didn't die in the Exodus generation hadn't yet been circumcised (Jos 5:2-9). Gilgal means "roll away" commemorating the reproach being taken away. Circumcision is a picture that illustrates salvation (Gen 17:9-11, Deu 30:2-6). The body with the sin nature pus the soul in slavery. At salvation the flesh's power over us has been removed — spiritual circumcision. You cannot work your way to heaven (Rom 6:23); but if you give up, you receive eternal life as a gift (Rom 4:1-5, Rom 4:11). A living witness begins with an attitude of separation from this world (Gal 2:20). The "by faith" lifestyle leads the believer from victory to victory (Hab 2:4, Rom 1:17) through faith to faith. The Spirit will lead us to victory (Gal 5:16). Passover reminded Israel of the blood of the lamb (Jos 5:10-12). The feast of the unleavened bread is a picture of the importance of fellowship with God in our life; are we feeding on the word of God? Your soul begins to starve each day you neglect the word of God.  

Joshua sees The Commander of the Army of the Lord — Jehovah Sabbaoth (Jos 5:13-15, 1Sa 1:3, Ps 24:10, Ps 59:5, Isa 1:9). The redeemer of the world is the greatest warrior there is. He is the Captain of our Salvation. Paul did not compromise in his conflict (Rom 8:37-39). The secret to victory is falling at the feet of the Lord (Rom 12:1-2). We receive victory by faith; we need an invincible attitude (1Co 15:57-58); Yesterday's food won't sustain you today.

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