Gene Cunningham - November 28, 2003

Joshua # 06 -- Jos 3:1-10

Joshua # 06 -- Jos 3:1-10

Paul read the book of James, namely that works are justification before man (Rom 4:1-12). Entering the land of Canaan wasn't a picture of entering heaven, but spiritual maturity, because it was a land of warfare (1Co 10:1-33, Heb 3:1-19). Spiritual maturity is a life of paradox rest in the face of conflict. The sanctification of men is pictured in Joshua (Jos 3:1-8) — "Sanctify yourselves" (Jos 3:8). We're a saint at the point of salvation (set apart forever) imputed with the righteousness of Christ (Rom 4:1-12). There's no such thing as probationary salvation. As a saint we are increasing sanctification. Crossing of the river is analogous to believer who begins to reckon the truth of his union with Christ. Practical sanctification is a believer deciding to devote himself to the plan and purpose God (Rom 12:1-2). Joshua commands the people to hear the word of the Lord (Jos 3:9-10, Joh 17:17, Rom 10:17). The Ark of the Covenant is a picture of Jesus Christ. Crossing the Jordan at peak; the priests and the Ark stood in the middle of the Jordan — a place of death. That act represents the work of Christ; He stood in the place of death for us. Crossing the Jordan pictures Paul's description of our standing in Christ and life potential (Rom 5:1-6).

Scripture References: Romans 12:1-2, Romans 4:1-12, Joshua 3:8, Romans 5:1-6, Joshua 3:1-8, Romans 10:17, Hebrews 3:1-19, John 17:17, Romans 4:1-12, Joshua 3:9-10

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