Gene Cunningham - November 28, 2003

Joshua # 05 --Jos 5:13-15, Jos 6:1-5, Jos 14:1-15

Joshua # 05 --Jos 5:13-15, Jos 6:1-5, Jos 14:1-15

Breaking strongholds. Illustration is Song of Solomon (Son 2:15) "catch the foxes that spoil the vines". The anology is to her shepherd lover. We need to develop the will to win (2Co 10:1-6). Corinthians have adopted false teachings. Our weapons are spiritual (Eph 6:12, Rom 6:13, Rom 13:12). Weapons are for (1) Pulling down strongholds (2Co 10:4); (2) Casting down arguments (2Co 4:5); (3) Bringing everything into captivity of Christ (2Co 4:5). The lie of this world is that we can make ourselves acceptable, are self sufficient, or that we can improve ourselves. This is a cooperative action of spiritual surrender to the Spirit and Word of God. We must be ready to fight (2Co 10:6, 1Co 1:14). Edification is "other-oriented" thinking. We must "avenge disobedience". Joshua meets the "captain of army of the Lord", an falls on his face (Jos 5:13-15). The children of Israel were part of the Lord's army. Joshua had to make a decision. We too must chose who we will serve (Jos 24:15).  Joshua gets commands similar to before (Jos 6:1-5, Deu 7:1-6). Joshua cut the land in two and comes back to Gath, Gaza, Ashdod and some of the giants were left (Jos 11:22). Once obedience was established, Joshua let none of the enemies remain (Jos 10:22, Jos 10:30, Jos 10:37, Jos 10:39-40, Jos 11:8, Jos 11:12). God promises to defeat the enemy (Jos 13:1-6). The people didn't execute the plan completely (Jos 13:13, Jos 17:12-13, Jos 18:3). At the age of 85, Caleb asked for the privilege of taking the hardest enemy (Jos 14:1-15). Though Paul taught them differently, Corinthians compromised with the enemy by accepting Greek philosophies of stoicism, asceticism, epicureanism (1Co 6:12-20, Act 17:18, 1Co 7:1)

Scripture References: Joshua 11:8, Song of Solomon 2:12, Joshua 14:1-15, Joshua 6:1-5, Joshua 10:39-40, Joshua 18:3, Joshua 24:15, Joshua 10:37, Joshua 17:12-13, Joshua 5:13-15, Joshua 10:30, Joshua 13:13, Romans 13:12, Joshua 10:22, Joshua 13:1-6, Romans 6:13, Joshua 11:22, Joshua 11:12, Ephesians 6:12, Acts 17:18, Deuteronomy 7:1-6

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