Gene Cunningham - October 18, 2012

Hosea Session 4

Hosea Session 4

Hosea Chapters 1-3 "The faithful prohet and faithless Bride"; 4-14 The faithful God and faithless nation. The romance of Hosea and Gomer is a living parable. Our lives have significance beyond our knowledge. Holy Spirit has the "female" role in the Father-Son relationship (Job 33:5, Prov 4, Pro 8). Though few listen, God is speaking (Hos 2:1-5). Either God is in the driver seat, or I am, but only one can be. In Hosea, the phrase "I will" is sometimes used as the rebelious nation, and sometimes God. Isaiah sings a parable of God's vineyard who gets wild gapes after planting good vines (Isa 5:1-30). "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil" (Isa 5:20). "Woe" is a call to repent, an exclamation of grief. Jesus prophesized what happened 40 years later when Isreal ceased to exist (Mat 23:13-36). Jesus gave charge as appropriate to the requestor quoting Hosea (Mat 9:12-13, Hos 6:1-6, Jam 4:10). There's only one solution for the sinner — death (Hos 2:3-4). The death that solves the problem is the one we share with Jesus Christ (Rom 6:3-4). God grants us the freedom to chose our path but deal with us according to our choice (Hos 2:4-5). The will of God and will of man are interacting. Any addiction enslaves (Hos 4:11-14). Hosea is a call to repentence from spiritual adultery. Jesus called for that in His time (Matt 28:29, Joh 7:37-39, Isa 35:1, Mat 23:37-39)

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From Series: "The Transforming Power of Forgiveness -- PA Conference 2012"

This conference was given at the Abundant Life Church in Uniontown PA in 2012. The theme of Hosea is the loyal love of God for idolatrous Israel and the power of His redemption and forgiveness to transform her into His beloved bride.

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