Gene Cunningham - October 18, 2012

Hosea Session 1

Hosea Session 1

Notes for this audio series can be found . Love, Grace and forgiveness can free one who is enslaved to sin (Hos 1:1-4). Hosea reveals the Love of God for Israel and Jesus Christ love for the church (Rom 8:31-39). We can learn the forgiveness available to us. God's love is greater than our sin. That the world through Him might be saved (Joh 3:16-17, Rom 5:6-10, Joh 15:13). Gomer was content with the lesser love defined by the world. Only Jesus could demonstrate the greatest love. What is called love by the world — self indulgence — destroys nations. The unconditional Love of God: 1) God's Love is conveyed through His word, and manifested Love is called Grace (Rom 10:17). Israel and the Church have become harlots. 2) God's Love is the motive behind His plan of redemption (Isa 12:3, Joh 4:11, Joh 7:37). 3) God's Love is most evident in darkest times (2Pe 1:19). 4) God's Love forces a new definition (Joh 3:17). Love means setting yourself aside (Heb 13:6-8). 5) The love of God for sinners is portrayed by Hosea's love for Gomer (Luk 19:10, Hos 9:1, Hos 9:10-11, Hosea 10:10-12). Mary illustrates a sinners response to God's love; she brought an alabaster flask to annoint Jesus (Luk 7:36-50)

Conference notes for this series can be found [HERE

Scripture References: John 3:17, Luke 7:36-50, John 3:16-17, John 7:37, Hosea 10:10-12, Romans 8:31-39, John 4:11, Hosea 9:10-11, Hosea 1:1-4, Isaiah 12:3, Hosea 9:1, Romans 10:17, Luke 19:10, John 15:13, Hebrews 13:6-8, Romans 5:6-10

From Series: "The Transforming Power of Forgiveness -- PA Conference 2012"

This conference was given at the Abundant Life Church in Uniontown PA in 2012. The theme of Hosea is the loyal love of God for idolatrous Israel and the power of His redemption and forgiveness to transform her into His beloved bride.

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