Gene Cunningham - March 1, 2010

Heirs of the Kingdom #4

We have a spiritual square of ground -- the place God designed us to impact. We should be thankful, as a foundation for acceptable service to God, because we are receiving a kingdom (Heb 12:24-29, Heb 11:6). James instructs believers that testing yields eternal rewards (Jam 1:2-4). God has a purpose for us beyond eternal life, namely, rewards in eternity (Jam 1:17-22). God wants to save us from a fruitless life (Jam 2:14-26). Our faith should be profitable to those around us. Others should be blessed by our faith. James argues for justification before men, while Paul, justification before God (Rom 4:3). Our faith should be evident to others (Jam 2:21-26). For this fight we have been adequately armed and equipped (Eph 6:10-14; 2Co 10:3-5). See .

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Scripture References: James 1:17-22, James 1:2-4, Hebrews 11:6, Ephesians 6:10-14, Hebrews 12:24-29, James 2:21-26, Romans 4:3, James 2:14-26

From Series: "Heirs of the Kingdom - Northern VA 2010"

Heirs of the Kingdom' have privilege responsibility and accountability (Mar 13:33?37). 'Heirs' is a term that deals with discipleship not justification or salvation. As we shall see every child of God is an heir. The questions before us are: How much will I inherit and will it really matter that much? Every member of the Royal Family has a share in the Royal Inheritance. Again the question of our study is ?how much?? Peter stresses in three words that our inheritance cannot?in any way?be defiled or diminished by our failure or conduct in this life. Paul speaks as sons ?being led? by the Spirit as ?adult sons? (huioi) and shows a distinction between heirs and ?joint heirs with Christ.? One is unconditional based on sonship; the other is conditional based on conduct.

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