Gene Cunningham - March 1, 2010

Heirs of the Kingdom #2

Law of Recompense - God will render to every man according to his deeds. Every believer has an internal inheritance. Some will get more rewards. If so much space in scripture has been devoted to rewards, then it must be important. The right of adoption in Roman times, occurred when the natural born child was made heir. When we were born into God's family, we were also adopted (Eph 1:5). When we stand before Jesus, there opportunity for great reward (Luk 19:11-26). God has called all of us to be servants. How we serve there is dependent upon how we serve here. We will lose what we were given if we don't do anything with what we are given.


  1. The promises of eternal rewards is consistent from ancient times (Gen 15:1, Rut 2:12, Psa 19:11, Isa 40:10, Isa 62:11).

  2. In Jesus first major discourse He stressed the importance of eternal rewards (Mat 5:10-12, Mat 6:4, Mat 6:6, Mat 6:17-18, Mat 6:33).

  3. Rewards mean a lot to the Lord. Different actions will result in unique rewards and distinct responsibilities (Mat 10:40-42, Mat 16:27).

The nature of God is interwoven into His creation; He cannot be unfair. Creation implements the principle "you reap what you sow". Every day we have an opportunity to honor Him for who He is. Rom 4:2 interprets James 2 Abraham was justified by works (before men). Those who are justified by faith are paid back for works (Rom 4:4-5).

The words for rewards:

  1. Misthos (MAT 5:12, MAT 5:46; MAT 6:2, MAT 6:5, MAT 6:16) is simply “wages or payment for work done.”

  2. Apodidomi (MAT 6:4, MAT 6:6, MAT 6:18; MAT 16:27) means to “give back, give equitable return.”

  3. Thesauros (MAT 6:19-21; MAR 10:21) speaks of “treasure in the fullest sense.”

Even if not motivated by reward, we still have responsibility before God (1Co 9:16-27). Doing it willingly we get a reward.

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Scripture References: Romans 4:2, Ephesians 1:5, Matthew 6:16, Matthew 5:10-12, Mark 10:21, Matthew 16:27, Matthew 6:5, Isaiah 62:11, Matthew 6:19-21, Matthew 10:40-42, Matthew 6:2, Isaiah 40:10, Matthew 16:27, Matthew 6:33, Matthew 5:46, Psalms 19:11, Matthew 6:18, Matthew 6:17-18, Matthew 5:12, Genesis 15:1, Matthew 6:6, Matthew 6:6, Romans 4:4-5, Luke 19:11-26, Matthew 6:4, Matthew 6:4

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Heirs of the Kingdom' have privilege responsibility and accountability (Mar 13:33?37). 'Heirs' is a term that deals with discipleship not justification or salvation. As we shall see every child of God is an heir. The questions before us are: How much will I inherit and will it really matter that much? Every member of the Royal Family has a share in the Royal Inheritance. Again the question of our study is ?how much?? Peter stresses in three words that our inheritance cannot?in any way?be defiled or diminished by our failure or conduct in this life. Paul speaks as sons ?being led? by the Spirit as ?adult sons? (huioi) and shows a distinction between heirs and ?joint heirs with Christ.? One is unconditional based on sonship; the other is conditional based on conduct.

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