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Hebrews 14

Hebrews 14

Heb 3:1-6 Thrust of this book is a challenge to believers in a historical crisis to fix their eyes on Jesus. It’s stated several different ways Heb 3:1 “consider” Seven things the author wants us to take into consideration Consider-takes mental effort, energy, focus, to establish a way of thinking, it’s designed with the end in view of blessing us heb 3:6 Three things that keep our eyes off Christ 1-Self, we look at ourselves, there are two extremes (human nature is always extreme and the divine is balanced) strengths and weaknesses. In your strength you look at yourself in pride. In your weakness you look at yourself in your failure and inadequacy . Dangerous to sin in your mind because it’s the easiest to cover up. 2-Look at someone else. If you look at someone’s strength, then you feel inadequate. If you look at someone’s weakness, then you feel pride. Same effect. What is the eye of the soul looking at. Rom 12:3 look to Christ then we will see as God sees. 3-Look to circumstances. Things are going great because rom 8:28 The author is challenging and commanding us to look where we’re supposed to look. It’s dangerous to not look where you’re going. Where are we going? Phi 3:12-16 upward path from the cross to the crown Heb 12:1-2 Jesus is the Author and Finisher. He cheers us at the beginning to go, but He is also at the finish calling us toward Him. We must make a lot of decisions in life, but a runner makes the choice to make every step get him closer. The one who focuses on the finish and doesn’t bother looking to see where everyone else is keeps his speed. It’s a call that says “come here” it starts on the earth and you end up in heaven Seven things he wants us to see about Jesus 1. Apostle-presents God to men, to declare the things of God in ways that men can understand, take divine truth, and as a man communicate it in a way men can understand. Jesus communicated it with His words and with His life. Ultimately, all your learning comes from Jesus, who gave you His Spirit so you could understand. 1co 2:9-10 2. High Priest-this takes us one step further, takes us into the presence of God, when He went to the cross and was resurrected and ascended and sat at the right hand of God, God received Him and accepted His work, and He accepts us the same way. As long as Jesus is sitting there we are welcome in God’s presence. He is our advocate because we are a new creation. Heb 2:17 mercy withholds judgment we deserve. We are all sinful and deserving of wrath and judgment. We all have equal standing before God without condemnation. Jesus always has, always will, He will never change, He is always merciful to us. Heb 5:6 after order of Melchizedek He is a warrior priest king. Heb 5:15 priest able to sympathize with our weaknesses. Heb 5:2 when God chose a priest in the Old Testament, a qualification was a person with weaknesses so he could deal graciously with others. He is able to sympathize with you, your thoughts, words, actions. Psa 103:1-22 heb 7:26 He is just the kind of High Priest sinners need. He is exactly what we need. Heb 8:1 He is the theme of the book. No matter where you’ve been looking, look to Jesus. Don’t look at yourself or other, look on Him only. Look at Jesus, look at His plan, look at His deliverance, look heb 13:8 He is for us, who can be against us. Confession means to agree with God. To speak the same thing. He is the Apostle, the High Priest 1ti 2:5 Job 9:33 Jesus is the mediator that has come, the God-Man. Joh 3:33 you agree with God. Don’t just do that at the moment of salvation, do it today knowing He is still your Great Shepherd. Do you really believe Jesus has an intimate and ultimate love for you, He knows every fear and anxiety, and He wants to carry it for you. He is the friend of the sinners, the weak, the broken, the reject. 3. Faithfulness- He is always faithful. He never changes heb 3:2 Heb 13:8 num 12:7 num 12:3 Moses was humble. He fell down, underwent divine discipline. Men see differently than God. God’s pleased with Moses just as he was. God uses all of us just as we are. Rev 19:11 Faithful and True, that’s Jesus’ name. 4. Worthiness-Heb 3:3 This is a big deal for the author, because to the Jews, Moses is the greatest. He’s saying to these Jewish believers that Jesus leaves Moses in the dust. He is infinitely beyond Moses. Worthy means weighing things of value, and Jesus always has always been more worthy. rev 5:11 glory and honor anthem of angels, the chorus is worthy to receive glory honor and power because You created all things. The greatest failure anyone can make about Jesus is to only see Him as a man. He is God. Joh 1:1-6 Jesus made two households. Israel and the Church. Jesus was a servant, a noble servant, the man who served voluntarily, the house of Israel. Jesus called Abraham, and guided Moses, He was the pillar of fire and smoke, who resided in the Holy of Holies? Eph 3:14-15 God alone gives meaning to the word “Father” the author of the plan of salvation. 5. Deity- heb 3:3-4 The author declares that Jesus is God. Don’t forget you are dealing with God in the flesh. If Jesus isn’t the God-man then salvation is not possible. Isa 9:6-7 6. Sonship-Heb 3:6 He is faithful in a house as a Son. The second household is the church with a heavenly calling. Joh 14:1-4 He has chosen us to be His bride. If it took God 6 days to make such a beautiful world, how wonderful do you think the place will be that He’s been working on for 2,000 years. Marriage to Jesus is Heaven. Eph 5:32 He is perfect and we will be made perfect. Marriage on this earth as the best it has been is just a preview of what we can expect with Christ. You are not cheated if you don’t experience marriage this side of eternity. Surpassing your wildest expectations. 7. Foundation Stone-Blessing He has in mind when He tells us to keep looking on Jesus. We need to begin our day thinking about Him, reading, praying. Continue through the day. How does this relate to Jesus in my life, pray constantly that He would keep our eyes fixed on Him. We belong to His house as believers. There is a conditional phrase that says if we hold fast. Don’t read into scripture, just read what it says. We are His house as a believer, He sent the Holy Spirit to be our guide and teacher so we can fulfill the plan He has for us. The grace of God will not remove our personal responsibility. This if is a maybe, if maybe you will and maybe you won’t, have in your possession and to hold, firmly grasping. If we firmly grasp what we’ve been given as a gift we will experience the blessings of fixing our eyes on Jesus. He is the foundation stone of spiritual steadfastness. What if we don’t hold fast? The consequences of failing to lay hold of His resources by faith are losing many things, but the worst thing to lose is Christ Himself in the sense of His fellowship 2co 13:5 Jam 4:7 in the experiential sense, if you are indifferent to Him He will do likewise, but if you draw near He will draw near to you. Rev 3:14-22 expulsion, nauseating. There’s nothing that makes Jesus more sick than someone with every resource and indifferent to Him and His plan. Be a beggar for more things from God, He will give the purified faith, that we might be clothed in white. Beware of a chasm between you and Him. Problem is a believer that took his eyes off of Christ, Jesus ultimately withdraws and is on the outside, treated as a stranger, and humbly knocks and asks permission to come back in. Heb 3:6 what are we to hold fast to? If you want Jesus to be the Son over the house, to have authority in your life, we have to hold fast the confidence and rejoicing of our hope, our absolute assurance, conviction, confidence in God. It will produce courage to face the conditions we’ll face, and joy in the midst of them. Trust in Jesus, in the Word of God. If you trust in Him you’ll be able to face whatever comes with courage, boldness and joy. It’s the hallmark of faith. Heb 11:1- they sang songs of rejoicing, people who could give thanks to God in everything. Mat 24:13 not about eternal salvation, the believer that endures to the end, runs to the finish line and will be saved 1jo 2:28 saved from abide in Him=consider Jesus saved from being ashamed at His coming. The greatest tragedy in the Christian life would be to stand in His presence in shame, the one factor that will cause shame is failure to look to Him in trust. We look to Him for the work He’s already done. Learn, pray, seek to keep your eyes on Jesus Christ.

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