Gene Cunningham - January 28, 2003

Hebrews 13

Hebrews 13

Heb 3:1-6 We are challenged to consider Jesus, to keep our eyes on Him. Heb 2:8-9 When we don’t see the sense of everything going on around us, we can see Jesus. Heb 8:1 It is the main thrust of the book, to keep our eyes on our High Priest. Heb 11:27 Moses’ eyes were fixed on Jesus, and that is why he was able to endure. Heb 12:1-2 Fix our eyes on Jesus for each of our individual races. Seven things the author wants us to consider about Jesus Christ: 1. His Aposteship-purpose of the apostle to speak in God’s place. Jesus did this better than anyone else. He is the spokesman of God, by what He said, by what He did, and by His death. 2. His Priesthood-present session of Jesus Christ is His current role as our High Priest. He has a ministry at God’s right hand as our representative. 3. His faithfulness-He surpasses Moses in faithfulness so much so that it becomes a synonym for His name. 4. His worthiness-He is worthy of greater honor than Moses. This is an epistle to the Hebrews, and they thought Moses was the greatest man, and the author points out that Jesus is greater. 5. His Diety-He built the house and God builds all things, Jesus is God. 6. His Sonship-important to the family of God 7. He is the foundation of spiritual steadfastness-those who keep their eyes on Jesus will be able to be steadfast in any trial If we get our eyes off Jesus, no matter what the cause of the distraction, it will cause us to sink. Hebrews written around 67 AD. The Jews had become very rebellious toward Rome. Insurrection broke out in 64 AD. It gained momentum. In 64, persecution because the policy under Nero toward the Jew. If you were a Jewish believer, you had extra persecution. The nation fell because they rejected Jesus. Compare the sentiment to your own country. Can we suspect a similar judgment? Believing Jews wanted to go back to the Jewish Temple as a way to hide from persecution. They clung to a worn out system, and God had to discipline them. The one thing that will sustain you is to develop a spiritual sensitivity and habit to keep your eyes on Jesus. Things in this life always change, Jesus never changes. There were Jews that joined the Christian sect, but did not accept God’s gift. God has given us Jesus’ righteousness Justification- the Holy God has committed Himself and declared Himself willing to show mercy to sinners who have not right to call on His grace, to all the sinners who believe in Jesus to be unfailingly unshakable toward them in grace. The only time God deals with our performance is when it has to do with having fellowship with Him, so He can bring us back, keep us in His purpose. Eph 1:6 Heavenly calling- we have inherited the role Israel Consider-whole realm or system of thinking. It affects all of your decisions. It’s saying “THINK!” bear down with your mind, and concentrate so you can develop the right way of thinking. We can keep our eyes on Jesus in the ways this passage just laid out. Each of the seven have practical application to how we can think about everything. It will change how you view things in the future, and how you think about other people. There is a sense of urgency behind the command. (Do it now!) Within three years these people were going to suffer great things if they didn’t wake up. We can come through any trial blessed, but only if we take heed to His word by keeping our eyes on Him. No command is given with any purpose other than to bless us. Attitude determines altitude. Humble attitude leads to spiritual values which leads to wise decisions to right actions to blessing He wants you to know Him deeper and truer than you ever have before. He wants you to experience Jesus’ fellowship. God’s commands are impossible for us to accomplish, apart from faith in Him. God values faith more than anything else. He values faith above purity. Ask Him to keep your eyes fixed on Him. Act 21:26 Paul violated what the author of Hebrews warned about. Heb 6:6 crucifying the Son of God afresh. This was the greatest failure for the apostle of grace. This tells us that when we start being used by God, Satan will try to get every blinder on you that he can. Seven considerations about Jesus: Apostleship-someone sent with ultimate authority, exo 3:7, luk 10:16, joh 17:8, ambassador, admiral, voice of God, display the power of God, He draws everyone to make a decision about Him, how you respond to Jesus is how you respond to God joh 3:36, consider Jesus as the ultimate representative to the human race, heb 12:25

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