Gene Cunningham - January 28, 2003

Hebrews 07

Hebrews 07

The conflict around us will intensify. Heb 2:1-4 A look at the relevance and practical applications of these verses. Heb 2:1-4 is a parenthesis, and to pick up the flow of the book continue from Heb 1:14 to Heb 2:5 Because the humanity of Christ is exalted at God’s right hand, and because we are in Christ, angels are at our service. But we must be careful to keep their ministry in the background and not give more attention to them than they deserve. Any angel that draws more attention to itself than it should is demonic. Fallen angels are already suffering and twisted, but they can make themselves appear as angels of Light. Heb 2:5 Christ, and since we are in Christ, we will be rulers, above angels. Seven victories of Jesus in the angelic conflict. This conflict is always raging around us, whether we are aware of it or not. Satan’s outrageous hostility to us is beyond bounds. If it weren’t for God’s protection, in part by His angels. 2Ki 7:1-20 Satan fears the weakest believer who turns that weakness into faith and seeks His Word for guidance. Problem of believer falling away from the steadfast advance toward the purpose God has for their life. All five warnings are about this danger. Heb 2:1-4 What we have in His provisions is something we can lose. You can’t lose your salvation, but you can lose the fulfillment of His plan for your life, and the grasping of these spiritual realities designed for you to experience now. You can fall short of His promises. We should be terrified about losing these things. We seize these promises by faith. If we lose these things now, we will also lose things in eternity. Not one violation of the Old Covenant went without justice. We are not under that covenant, we are under the New Covenant, with greater accountability. We cannot escape. Every failure to claim and realize a promise will have a consequences, and many of us suffer and don’t even realize it. Unless we stay focused and steadfast, and help each other, prayer, encouragement. Danger that has come down through the years. The Exodus generation heard the same warning, but they did not respond in faith. The reason we lose what we lose is because we don’t value it. We take it for granted. The author wants us to understand that we can lose it. If you feel you haven’t become a part of your congregation, help and serve, and join other people. City Slickers - all of life came down to one thing The one thing it comes down to is faith. A distinct power that faith has in our life: endurance. Heb 12:1 set before us-the divine plan for each of us. The Christian life is a marathon run. We will get weary, it will be strenuous, but its only through those experiences that you learn to turn the battle over to Him. There is only one interpretation to Scripture, and it’s Scripture’s interpretation 2Pe 1:20 Tribulational message Mat 24:13 three primary applications: to the disciples (they saw the destruction of the temple), believers of any age, believers of the tribulation Sozo-to be saved, to be delivered, but doesn’t always mean eternal salvation. This word is sometimes used for healing, or deliverance from trial, when heartaches are healed. If you want to come through with honor and virtue, and finish the race well, you will need divine deliverance, and that one thing is endurance. Abiding under the pressure or difficulty by grace through faith. How can we escape? We can’t. We can only find deliverance through endurance. Pray that God will stir up love of believers for one another. Same message and context: Luk 21:19 ktamoei to take possession. Future tense indicates a sequence, the future result of endurance. The one who gives is blessed, than the recipient. One objective, fix our eyes on Christ and look to the future. Rom 5:3-4 Jam 1:2-3 psa 23:1 Fear for nothing, care for nothing, because Christ is in charge. We have nothing to fear EXCEPT failing endurance, falling by the wayside. Difficulties and afflictions are planned by God. He causes all things to work together for good Rom 8:28

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