Gene Cunningham - January 28, 2003

Hebrews 04

Hebrews 04

This case is talking about someone taking your reward by deceiving you. There are four ways this happens: 1. A voluntary, false humility. Col 2:18 to keep on desiring. 2. A voluntary worship of angels Col 2:18 3. An intrusion of the supernatural realm Col 2:18 embateuo=intruding -to penetrate into Devoting yourself to rituals and traditions initiates you into the supernatural realm. It will be a massive deception. Charismatics are totally deceived in this matter. The only supernatural experience we need is the renewing of our mind, and the transformation of our lives to reflect Jesus’ life. 4. Departure from holding fast to Christ in faith and love. Col 2:19 He is the source of nutrition, of strengthening His body. You are not nourished from a pastor, if you are not nourished by Christ, then you are not nourished. Summary: At the creation, all angels sang and shouted for joy. They were already in existence. Job 38:6-7 When God laid the cornerstone of foundation. The Cornerstone is Jesus. The angels were told up front that God was going to do something incredible through the second member of the Godhead. Between that point and at the creation of man, Satan led his revolt. Isa 14:12-15 Rev 12:4-9 Spiritual warfare is real. From Satan’s own statement isa 14:13 the “I will’s” the foundation of his revolt is his anger that God would give all of this to us. Eze 28:18 Superiority of Jesus to the angels is accomplished because of the cross by means of the resurrection The outworking of this amazing plan 1pe 1:10-12 In everything you do, in your prayer, in your studying of the Word, in our conduct, hold to the Head, to cling to Jesus by faith. To love others around us.

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