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Hebrews 02

Hebrews 02

Two things fixed in our minds throughout this study: 1. -Theme is the High Priestly ministry of Jesus Christ. HEB 8:2 A Totally unique kind. We each have priesthood has a ministry. 1PE 2:5-9 We are to follow the lead of the High Priest. We minister outside the veil, while He is on the inside. 2. -Aim of theme is the fulfillment of its purpose , that we fix our eyes on Jesus Heb 12:2 Get our eyes off of our circumstances, weaknesses, problems and instead to fix our eyes on Jesus Heb 3:1 (to bear down in concentration in our mind) Heb 12:2 (to get our eyes off of other things and fix them solely on Jesus) These two things are essential if we are to fulfill our own priesthood. Heb 5:1 A priest ministers the things of God to the people. That is what He calls us to. We need to have that burden for the world around us. It’s not just for the pastor or evangelist or missionary, it is for you as a believer in Jesus. Key Word: Better Three areas of Superiority Person of Jesus Heb 1:1-8:5 He is better than the prophets, angels, Moses, Joshua, Aaron Work of Jesus Heb 8:6-13, Heb 9:1-28, Heb 10:1-39 Better Covenant, tabernacle and sacrifice Faith vs works of the law Heb 11:1-40, Heb 12:1-29, Heb 13:1-25 Warning Passages 1. These are following a progressive error of the people of the time. The falling away of believers in their steadfastness in Christ. They show a progression of what happens to a believer, and what happens as their discipline. 2. Starts with apathy to Word of God Heb 2:3 (neglect) 3. Hardened heart against Word Heb 3:13-15 4. Danger of falling short of Grace of God Heb 12:15 (to fail to use His grace to accomplish His purpose for our life) 5. Willful sinning against God Heb 10:26-39 6. Refusing Jesus Heb 12:25-29 Final refusal of correction Him who is speaking is Jesus Christ. Don’t refuse Him. It will be dire consequences. If you follow this process your life will not be pleasant. God is jealous for you, a jealous love, and that jealousy will not accept second place. No one knows the author of Hebrews. This study is practical because it hits at the root of the problem for the life of a believer, the devil’s subtly. Maybe nothing big has happen, but he slowly turns us to become spiritually unconscious (asleep 1th 5:10) He wants to rob us of our first love for Jesus Christ. Do you love Him as much now as when you first were saved? Has your love diminished, if so, then the devil has snuck in and robbed you of that treasure. Written to Jews who believed in Jesus. 2ti 3:12 They suffered persecution. They were removed from their ancient heritage, and they had second thoughts. They wanted to go back into the temple to offer sacrifices, which is referred to in Heb 6:6. Accurate Analysis is dependent on: • Historical understanding/setting of the book • Grammatical questions and problems • Lay a doctrinal foundation (verified through Scripture) If you have Christ’s love for others then we need to be praying on behalf of other people in the world. The background of these believers and what they were facing spiritually, as well as in the world, with the revolt against Rome, and then the destruction of Jerusalem is the historical backdrop of this book. Heb 1:1-3 Starts off with so much truth, truth about the person of Jesus Christ. He wants us to stand in awe of Jesus, and without Him Christianity is nothing. Urgency in the tone of these verses. “in Son” a strong, powerful blow. God has spoken, and now God has said His last word, in Jesus Christ. 2pe 1:21 The amazing things that happened during the Old Testament that God used to proclaim the truth to the world is nothing compared to the grand finale: Son God has said everything He has to say to man in Jesus. The God, the same as the One who is the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, is the same God now who speaks in Son. The author didn’t use the definite article before “Son” in order to present it in as forceful a way as possible. This grammatical construction magnifies the character of the person. Jesus: God’s final revelation Heb 1:1-3 Everything in the New Testament was quickly finished, roughly 60 years, when it took the progressive revelation of the Old Testament 1500 years to finish. Seven Superiorities, Uniqueness of Jesus: 1. He is God’s Son Heb 1:2, Joh 1:18, Joh 19:7 2. He is the heir of all things Heb 1:2, Psa 2:7-8 3. He is the creator of all things Heb 1:2 He made, designed, organized matter and space, spiritual 4. He is the glory of God made visible Heb being=eternal existence, a blinding light Joh 1:18 Character: stamp that left an impression. An exact match. That is was Jesus Christ is to God. If you want to know God, know Jesus. He wanted us to view God as our Father. How much more than our earthly Father. 5. He sustains the universe Heb Upholding/Sustaining=to carry or to bear, to carry something in motion Col 1:17 He does it by His spoken word. Verbal command. 6. He is the redeemer Heb 1:3 Jesus Christ made purification of all things. Construction: He made purification of sins. From beginning of human history with Adam and Eve, all the way to the last sin at the end of history, every kind of sin, He cleansed all of them. Whatever sin will continue has been paid. 1Jo 2:2 We can only wonder at what He did on the cross. 7. He is sitting at the right hand of the Majesty on High. Heb 1:3 His work is complete, and He can rest from His work, because it is finished. Work He continues while His work for us is finished, and that work is what He wants to do through us. Forgive, that shows Christ’s love to the world. What should the study of Hebrews do for us? God has an intention for us in this study. It should renew our first love for Jesus Christ. Where we love Him more than anyone or anything else. He will be a treasure, a source of joy, despite dire circumstances. He is always there for you. Gal faith works through love Call us to a greater purity in our devotion to Christ. He cannot use vessels that are unfit. God uses pure vessels. He is calling us to purge our life because Christ purged our sins. We can begin conquering and overcoming these things because His Spirit is in us. Ask Him what is in your life that you’re not letting Him deal with it, and if you’re honest and submissive, He will point it out, and let Him take care of it. Urgency, time is running out. Challenged to be faithful priests in our ministry to Him. We have been called to a position that only God can give. Heb 5:4-6 We are His personal possession. To treasure what they forsook. Learn how precious what we have here. It is something to defend and fight for. Heb 12:18-25. See to it, that you do not refuse Him who is speaking to you. Let’s not reject Him, let’s not harden our hearts to His voice.

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