Gene Cunningham - June 10, 2003

Galatians 3

Galatians 3

Doctrinal section of Galatians (Chapter 3 & 4); "faith" and "believe" occurs 17 times in Chapter 3. Chapter 3 Outline: Evidence of the Gospel in Galatians error (Gal 3:1-5); Abraham is the standard (Gal 3:6-14); The true purpose of the Law (Gal 3:15-29). Paul had to rebuke the Galatians (Gal 1:8-10, Gal 3:1-5, Gal 5:1-7). In Gal 3:1-5 Paul calls them foolish twice -- which means they're not thinking. "Bewitched" (Gal 3:1) to be brought under a curse because of "the evil eye" — the root of it is envy. "Obedience of faith" is the goal of the Apostle among the Gentiles (Rom 1:5; Rom 16:26, Rom 10:17). Paul makes the point in questions: is justification and sanctification by works or faith (Gal 3:3-5)? Faith bears fruit; the fruit is not the means but evidence. Gal 3:9 "of faith" refers to the source of faith blessed in the way Abraham was blessed — justification by faith (Rom 4:3-8, Psa 32:1-2). The way of salvation has always been by faith; Abraham is the example (Gen 12:3, Gen 18:18, Gen 22:18, Gen 26:4, Gen 28:14). If you don't keep all of the Law you are cursed; if we are justified by faith, how can we live by the law (Gal 3:10-12, Hab 2:4)? If you live by faith you trust the One who keep the Law perfectly (Gal 3:13, Due 21:23). Faith is the means of the Christian life (Gal 3:14) — justification, sanctification and glorification. When men confirm a contract no one annuls it — parties enter by faith (Gal 3:15, 1Jo 5:9). God's "Abrahamic" covenant was between him and himself; he didn't need a mediator; Abraham was asleep (Gen 15:1-21, Gal 3:16-20, Job 9:33). The Law required two levels of mediators - God and Angels, Moses and Israel —Mosaic covenant was one no man was able to fulfill (1Ti 2:5).

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From Series: "Galatians - The Truth and Power of the Gospel - Hot Spring AR - 2009"

This series was given at Grace Bible Church of Hot Springs Arkansas in November 2009.

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