Gene Cunningham - June 10, 2003

Galatians 2

Galatians 2

The curse (Gal 1:8-9) - things devoted to destruction, (Due 26:28, Lev 27:28-29, Lev 10:1-3, 1Co 15:22). Rather than being in conflict with the apostles he teaches in concert with them (Act 15:1-5, Gal 2:1-10). Legalism uses force - compulsion, fear, envy to enslave (Gal 2:4-5). Go has no elite children. Galatians was written around Hab 2:4 —"the just shall live by faith". Living faith cannot help but be actively involved, but is motivated by the Spirit. All believers have a manifestation of the Spirit for the benefit of all (Gal 2:8, 1Co 12:1-7). Paul defends his apostleship by telling of the incident with Peter (Gal 2:11-15). How we live declares how we believe. Key verse is Gal 2:16. On what does our salvation rest —our accomplishments or Him (Gal 2:17-21, Col 2:4-6)? If works save us, Christ died in vain (Gal 2:21).

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From Series: "Galatians - The Truth and Power of the Gospel - Hot Spring AR - 2009"

This series was given at Grace Bible Church of Hot Springs Arkansas in November 2009.

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