Gene Cunningham - September 25, 2003

Ezekiel #9

Ezekiel #9

Justice is a characteristic of God. Righteous and Justice comprise Holiness (Det 32:4, Isa 45:21). Mercy is dependent on Justice executed on the cross -- He judged His own Son. Justice is in fact an act of Mercy. If we don't draw near in Grace, He'll draw near in Justice. It's a fearful thing to fall into the hands of a living God -- His discipline begins with His own house. Ezekiel 8 Outline  - "the Holy Jealousy of God"; Ezekiel 9 - "the Glory of God Departs". Ezekiel 10 - "Ichabod - the Glory of God departs". God's jealousy with our areas of idolatry (Jam 4:5, Eph 4:30). Gold and faith are refined through fire (1Pe 1:7). The Glory and jealousy of God was provoked by the image of the sex God Ashteroth in the temple (2Ki 21:7, Eze 8:1-6). Israel worshiped animals (Eze 8:7-10). Israel's elders worshiped the idols in their heart (Eze 8:11-12; Rom 1:23). Jaazaniah brother delivered Jeremiah (Jer 26:24) his nephew was a believer (Jer 39:14) - faith doesn't run in families God knows everything in our hearts (Heb 4:12-14). Do I have an image of jealousy in our hearts? The father of Jaazaniah was a Godly man (2Ki 22:8-11). Tammuz was the idol son of Nimrod who was killed -- the fertility god of the Sumerians. Tammuz dies and his sister Ishtar rescues/resurrects him then marries him -- the beginning of easter. The priests were also worshipping the sun. (Eze 8:16, 2Ch 29:6) Violence is a characteristic of a degenerate nation (Eze 8:17). Point of no return had been reached (Eze 8:18). Messiah is referred to "the branch" (Mat 2:22-23). They treated the promised messiah with the utmost of contempt (Eze 8:17). God calls for the angelic executioners as the glory of God departs (Eze 9:1-3). Judgment begins with the house of God (Eze 9:7, 1Pe 4:17). The Glory departs from the throne to the threshold (Eze 10:4); then threshold to the East Gate (Eze 10:18-19); then East Gate to the Mount of Olives (Eze 11:23). Before being arrested, Jesus retraces the steps of the Glory then pronounces judgment (Mat 23:37, Mat 24:3, Joh 17:4)

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Ezekiel's vision of God's glory effected his life.

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