Gene Cunningham - September 25, 2003

Ezekiel #7

Ezekiel #7

Ezekiel Chapter 6 gives us an explanation of his actions. The Jews thought they understood God and did not. Jerusalem is called by many names: "The throne of God" (Jer 3:17); "The city of the great king" (Psa 48:2, Mat 5:35); The perfection of His beauty" (Lam 2:15, Psa 50:2); "The holy city" (Neh 11:1); "City of truth" (Zec 8:3); City of God" (Psa 46:4, Psa 87:3); "Sodom and Egypt" (Rev 11:8). God's terrible arrows refer to: lightning (Psa 18:14); "instruments of death" (Psa 7:13); "famine, plague, and sword" (Eze 5); discipline (Psa 38:2); believers and their children (Isa 49:2, Psa 127:4-5). Ezekiel has a proclamation against the prophet of the mountains (Eze 6:1-3; Preaching to inanimate objects is often done because people are not listen (Isa 1:2, Mat 3:9). On the mountains ancient Canaanites practiced religion - sex cult, where children were burned alive (Jer 17:2). "Idol" use for the first time; God gets rid of them (Eze 6:4-6). Dead bodies would defile travelers (Num 9:6-10). Whatever you turn from God to will become the instrument of your judgment. Ezekiel is shone in a vision of the sex goddess Ishtar, animals, and sun worshipping (Eze 8:5-16). God's purpose in judgment is to bring people back around to Him (Eze 6:7, Eze 6:10, Eze 6:14). God's judgments reveal Him as much as His gifts (Rom 2:4, Rom 11:22). God's name was proclaimed throughout the earth when he judged Egypt (Rom 9:17-18). God's purpose is to have a people that calls on Him (Zec 13:8-9). The remnant is first mentioned as is the broken heart of God (Eze 6:8-9). God is serious about judging idolatry (Eze 6:10-14)

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Ezekiel's vision of God's glory effected his life.

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