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Ezekiel #6

Ezekiel #6

586 BC Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem. It happened again in 70 A.D. and 135 A.D. by the Romans. Ezekiel is commanded to burn, cut, and scatter thirds of his hair (Eze 5:1-4); a picture of what he is prophesying will happen to the Jews. For the believer living in fellowship with God, he will not go through the Worth of God. Symbol of shaving is disgraceful; a picture of captivity. This represents the Wrath of God (1) unquenchable fire (Deu 4:4, Heb 12:29). (2) Wrath is directed against the enemies of Israel. (3) God's wrath is against those who scorn His word. (2Ki 22:13, Rom 2:8) (4) God's wrath is against those who suppress the truth. (Rom 1:18). (5) The wrath of God is an Old Testament designation for the tribulation period (Zec 13:8-9, 1Th 1:10, 1Th 5:9). (6) The remnant will be saved through fire (Dan 3:1-30, Zec 13:8-9) (7) Jesus Christ will unleash His wrath against all who reject Him (Rev 6:16-17, Rev 9:15-16). The sin of Jerusalem (Eze 5:5-10, Mat 23:37). Zedekiah was the puppet King at the time Jerusalem fell. Jeremiah warned them for 40 years (Jer 32:4). Ezekiel calls the wrongful King the "prince" and prophesies his doom for rejecting the word of God (Eze 12:12-13, 2Ki 24). God set the boundaries of the nations of the Earth (Eze 5:5, Deu 32:8, Act 17:26-27). Threefold antagonism to Israel's rejection of God's word: they rebelled, they refused, they opposed (Eze 5:6, Rom 2:24). They were worse than the heathen - famine made parents eat their children (Eze 5:7-10, Lev 26:29, Deu 28:53, Jer 19:9, Lam 2:20, Lam 4:10). Ezekiel speaks of the fall of Jerusalem and wrath of God in 586 BC and until the second advent (Mat 24:21). Historical perspective. (1) Jerusalem will be trampled until times of the gentiles are fulfilled (Luk 21:24). (2) Starting point (586 BC) end point is the 2nd Advent (3) Israel will suffer things no other country has gone through (Dan 9:12). (4) The beginning of the end of this time: "I will regather Israel a second time" May 14, 1948 (Isa 11:11). (5) Prophet Ezekiel declares the fall of Jerusalem until the 2nd Advent (Israel would not have a King (Hos 3:4-5). While Zedekiah is King he'll be stripped of authority and there will be no King until Christ (Eze 21:25-27). The nations of the world will have turmoil over Jerusalem (Zec 12:2). We put false Gods in our hearts (1Pe 3:15). Jesus Christ desires to be on the throne of our heart (1Co 3:16-17).

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