Gene Cunningham - September 25, 2003

Ezekiel #31

Ezekiel #31

Bible tells of judgment of nations in God's Righteousness and Justice. Parallel prophesies regarding the middle east nations are found in chapter segments (Isaiah 13-24, Jeremiah 46-51, Ezekiel 25-39). Jerusalem, Moab, and Amman, Edom (Jordan) are going to be judged for idolatry and how they treated God's people. Palestine, Egypt, Syria (Damascus) and Iraq (Babylon) will be dealt with severely. Many of the prophesies have a dual fulfillment -- one near in time to eye of prophet and one in distant future (Deu 18:15, Deu 18:18-22). Examples include Damascus where no one will be left (Isa 17:1); Egypt will be void of inhabitants for 40 years (Eze 29:8-12); Edom and Babylon will be a smoking hole (Isa 34:8-10). Prophecies have yet to be fulfilled (Isa 34:16, Mat 24:35). Jerusalem is critical (Eze 28, Eze 21:27, Zec 12:2). The anti-Christ is revealed in local King of Tyre (Eze 28:1-10). Satan is behind the man who thinks he's God (Eze 28:11-19). Near-term fulfillment (Isa 14:9-16). When our life is a reflection of God's likeness we will be rewarded (Mat 5:9). Ezekiel's Prince and King of Tyre are foreshadows of the antichrist. Jerusalem is God's chosen "mount" so Satan wants to reign from there (2Th 2:3-4). Jesus spoke a proverb indicating the timing (Mat 24:28, Luk 17:37). Jesus Christ said this is time He'll return (Luk 21:28)

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Ezekiel's vision of God's glory effected his life.

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