Gene Cunningham - September 25, 2003

Ezekiel #30

Ezekiel #30

606 BC Nebuchadnezzar sieged Jerusalem and took Daniel; 597 BC Ezekiel is taken captive. 586 BC Jerusalem was turned into a wasteland. False prophets foretold God delivering Israel. Signs of destruction: Ezekiel ate scroll (Eze 2:9-10, Eze 3:1-14); Ezekiel was made mute (Eze 3:14-27) Ezekiel ate unclean food (Eze 4:1-17). Ezekiel shaved his head and beard (Eze 5:1-17); Peletiah, the false prophet dies (Eze 11:1-25); He was commanded to weep and cry (Eze 21:1-31); A day and a parable of siege referring to God's judgment (Eze 24:1-14, Jer 52:4, 2Ki 25:1-3). Justice of God (Isa 45:18-22). Righteousness is principle of Holiness; Justice is the function (Psa 89:14, Psa 97:3, 1Jo 1:5). What Righteousness demands, Justice provides. God is both Judge and Justifier (Rom 3:20-26) Righteousness demanded the price of sin be paid, and He paid with His Son. He was Just and gave His Righteousness to us; we're now accepted as His own Son (Eph 1:6). When a nation rebels against God, judgment is inevitable (Isa 59:4-15). All judgment has been given to Jesus Christ (Joh 5:22). The seventh sign of Ezekiel; his wife died (Eze 24:15-18). God's purpose is to show that what He says is true (Eze 24:19-27)

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Ezekiel's vision of God's glory effected his life.

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