Gene Cunningham - September 25, 2003

Ezekiel #22

Ezekiel #22

A believer severed from the dynamic of Christ's life withers (Joh 15:1-6). The nation severed from God became non-productive (Eze 19:10-14, Psa 80:8-16). Judgment of God begins with the house of God (1Pe 4:17). Believers have responsibility (Luk 12:48). Teachers have great accountability (Jam 3:1). There is a way of escape if we judge ourselves (1Co 11:31). Daily confession of sin followed by correction is necessary (1Jo 1:9, 1Ti 5:24-25). Those outside God's will will experience the fire of God (Heb 12:29, Joh 15:6). Alienated from God means God's spirit is not working in us (1Th 2:13). The rain of God's grace and cultivation of God's word produces fruit and reward (Heb 6:7-8, 1Co 3:12-15). Fire is a symbol  and is a comfort or curse (Deu 4:24, Deu 9:3) Fire consumed all that will burn, but refines that which will (Isa 10:17). We need salvation every day from attitudes and dangers — abuse of the tongue — these things bring divine judgment (Jam 1:21). Angels are agents of God's fire (Heb 1:7, Heb 1:14, Isa 6:6-7). The Word of God is like a fire purifying a refining us (Jer 23:29). Fire is used signifies God's disciplinary action (Zec 13:9, 1Pe 1:6-7). Whatever fire falls on our nation we can be confident we will be refined and purified (Dan 3:1-30). Are we living a rewardable life? Are we "fireproof"?

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Ezekiel's vision of God's glory effected his life.

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