Gene Cunningham - September 25, 2003

Ezekiel #17

Ezekiel #17

Rebellion without repentance has consequences; repentance brings life (Eze 18:21-23). Zedekiah scoffed at prophecies concerning the destruction of Jerusalem. God says He'll discipline children for sins of the parents "of those who hate Me", but also "show loving-kindness for thousands" (Exo 20:4-6). Jeremiah corrects a common misconception regarding that proverb (Jer 31:29-30). God claims possession of all souls (Eze 18:4-5). The just shall live by faith (Eze 18:6-9, Hab 2:4). Israel was responsible for breaking the covenant (Eze 18:10-13). Faithfulness to God brings faithfulness to others. God holds us personally accountable (Eze 18:14-18). They claimed they were suffering for what their fathers did, but God condemns their own actions (Eze 18:19, 2Ch 32:32-33). Manasseh lead the nation into heathenism and put Isaiah to death for railing against the evil. It's possible to lead millions into evil because the nation has ceased to think clearly. The ultimate test of a nation is what they do with their children. Manesseh repented, but what he started could not be stopped (2Ch 33:12).

Scripture References: Habakkuk 2:4, Ezekiel 18:6-9, Ezekiel 18:4-5, Jeremiah 31:29-30, Ezekiel 18:19, Exodus 20:4-6, Ezekiel 18:14-18, Ezekiel 18:21-23, Ezekiel 18:10-13

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Ezekiel's vision of God's glory effected his life.

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