Gene Cunningham - September 25, 2003

Ezekiel #11

Ezekiel #11

Ezekiel 12 - Grace greater than all our sins (Jam 4:6). Jerusalem is becoming "a cup of trembling" (Zec 12:2-3). Ezekiel acts out the captivity and siege that was to happen to Jerusalem (Eze 12:1-28). Six years after Ezekiel's prophecy Zedekiah broke out through the wall to flee - he covered his face (2Ki 25:1-7, Jer 52:1-11). Zedekiah had laughed at their prophecies. People use two techniques to set aside God's word: 1) the prophecies were written long ago; 2) the prophecies will be fulfilled a long time from now (Eze 12:27). We are determining our usefulness to the King in the Kingdom - the post that we'll fill. God is long suffering and had "prolonged His words" because of grace. The peace of God guards our hearts and minds (Phi 4:6-7).

Scripture References: Jeremiah 52:1-11, Ezekiel 12:1-28, Zechariah 12:2-3, James 4:6, Philippians 4:6-7, Ezekiel 12:27

From Series: "Ezekiel - 2002"

Ezekiel's vision of God's glory effected his life.

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