Gene Cunningham - June 9, 2003

Ephesians #48

Ephesians #48

We are in Christ Jesus - our position. We are the possessor of wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption (Col 2:14-15, 1Co 1:26-31). We have Christ in us (Col 1:27-29, Rom 8:9-11). Our practice ought to reflect our position, and our being the object of God's Love. What is our duty? Review: "In Christ" is the theme (Eph 1:3). We need to praise God because there is nothing He has withheld from us. We need to walk worthy (Eph 4:1). We have the equipment for warfare (Eph 6:10-17). The armor has been issued; it's ours. Paul was chained to a Roman soldier (Phi 1:13-14) when he wrote of the armor. On absolute Truth - as contained in the Word of God - hangs the provision of Righteous - imparted by faith in Christ (Eph 6:14) - the Gospel of Peace message (Eph 6:15) - requires faith (Eph 6:16) - resulting in salvation (Eph 6:17) - from which brings to mind the Truth (Eph 6:17) that answers the skeptic (Joh 14:26). Our communication is paramount (Eph 6:18). (1) the truth of God's word is the belt on which provisions and progress depends; (2) the Righteousness placed in our account is the breastplate that covers our vitals of our spiritual life - our deeper self; (3) the Gospel of Peace gives of sure footing on the battlefield of life; (4) active faith is our shield against doubt, fear, and temptation; (5) the assurance of our salvation is the helmet that guards our heart and soul (Phi 4:6-7); (6) specific utterances of God brought to our mind by the Spirit at just the right time is our only offensive weapon; (7) prayer is an act of worship which expresses devotion and dependence on God. We need to put the armor on daily for the duration, resolutely for success, and personally for our obedience.

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More than any book Ephesians reveals the blessings from God based on our relationship with Jesus Christ by grace through faith. Eph 1:3 is the a key verse. Other key verses by chapter include Eph 2:8 Eph 3:19 Eph 4:1 Eph 5:18 and Eph 6:10-11.

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