Gene Cunningham - September 11, 2000

Elijah #8

Daniel had a faithful, devoted and disciplined life (Dan 9:1-19); his prayers were based on the word of God. Daniel confessed the sins of Israel as if he was complicit. Prayer demands separation and isolation (1Ki 18:41-46, Mat 6:6). Prayer in faith expects answers. Prayer in power perseveres; Elijah prayed 7 times (1Th 5:17, Luk 18:1). Prayer is the exercise that develops spiritual muscle in the Christian life (Mat 26:41, Isa 40:31). Prevailing prayer includes suitable action; Elijah "girds up" and we need to as well (1Pe 1:13, Eph 6:14, Heb 12:1). Prevailing prayer empowers one spiritually (1Ki 18:46). Prayer appropriates Gods power for whatever is required (Act 4:29-31). Prayer is a Grace provision and gift. Through prayer we have access to the throne room of the Omnipotence of God (Rom 5:1-2).

Scripture References: Luke 18:1, Romans 5:1-2, Matthew 6:6, Acts 4:29-31, Daniel 9:1-19, Hebrews 12:1, Ephesians 6:14, Isaiah 40:31, Matthew 26:41

From Series: "Elijah"

Elijah's life shows us the keys to spiritual power: the power of God's Word faith prayer revival and failure.

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