Gene Cunningham - September 15, 2003

Daniel #2

Daniel #2

Daniel contains Interpretations, Revelation, and Passing of history. It addresses authority: Submission to higher authority and exercise authority. Test, submission, promotion is unclean food: it was sacrificed to idols (Heb 11:2). Daniel chapter one (Dan 1:1-21) can be summarized by John (1Jo 2:15-17). Ezekiel may have written Psalm 137 about the Babylonian captivity (Psa 137:1-9). 1) Dan 2:1-13 the forgotten dream; 2) Dan 2:14-24 Daniel's intercession and dream revealed; 3) Dan 2:25-35 Daniel declares the dream; 4) Dan 2:36-45 Interpretation; 5) Dan 2:46-49 the king's response. Daniel is written in Aramaic and Hebrew because Gentile prophecies. Today we walk by faith not by sight (or dreams). Daniel had discretion. He could think in terms of God's word. Daniel had discernment and wisdom (Heb 5:14-15) between good and evil. He could think under pressure, submitting to God's authority (Col 3:15-17). Prayer recognizes man's total helplessness and dependence on Grace (Dan 2:15-19). Daniel praises God for: wisdom, times and seasons, that He sets up kings, He reveals hidden things, and light dwells in Him (Daniel 2:20-22, 1Th 5:1). The fullness of the Gentiles is the church age (Pentecost to the Rapture). Succession of the ages: 1) Age of Gentiles, 2) Age of Israel, 3) Church Age, 4) Age of Christ. Cairos or seasons specifies one age. Col 3:17 Daniel proclaims God to Nebuchadnezzar then the dream which is prophecy (Dan 2:27-29). Some prophecy in Daniel was fulfilled in detail, literally and fully. Daniel tells the dream (Dan 2:31-35, Rev 13:1-2). Daniel says God gave the king his kingdom (head of gold, Dan 2:36-44). Medo-persian empire (539 BC, Dan 5) is the torso of silver with two arms. Bronze is a picture of Greece (334 BC) Thighs and legs of Iron is Roman empire. Clay and iron in feet identify the revived Roman empire (Rev 13 and 17 shows a 10 nation confederation). Everything is degenerating in human history. The line of Cain illustrates. The king acknowledges "Your God is a God of gods" (Dan 2:46-49) but this is not faith. God promoted Daniel before the king promoted him and his friends.

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