Gene Cunningham - September 15, 2003

Daniel #17

Daniel #17

Time frames in Daniel: a week (Dan 9:27), "time of distress" (Dan 12:1), "time, times, and half time" (Dan 7:25), "42 months" (Rev 12:6-14, Rev 13:5), "Great Tribulation" (Mat 24:15). Daniel Chapter 8 - two beasts - Medo-Persia and Greece. The vision is given (Dan 8:1-14), then the interpretation (Dan 8:15-27). Chronologically, Daniel Chapter 8 comes before Chapter 5 (Dan 8:1-2). The two horns are analogous to two silver arms, the bear with one side larger. Babylon, Libya, and Egypt - the three power alliance - were the ribs the bear crushed (Dan 7:5). The ram with two horns represents Medo-Persia. The he-goat "with notable horn" represents Alexander and Greece defeating Medo-Persia (Dan 8:3-7). Four generals took control of the Grecian kingdom after Alexander died. The little horn comes out from one of them (Dan 8:8-9).

Scripture References: Daniel 12:1, Daniel 8:15-27, Daniel 9:27, Daniel 8:1-14, Matthew 24:15, Daniel 8:8-9, Revelation 13:5, Daniel 8:3-7, Revelation 12:6-14, Daniel 7:5, Daniel 7:25, Daniel 8:1-2

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