Gene Cunningham - September 15, 2003

Daniel #11

Daniel #11

Daniel is both Historical (1st six chapters) and Prophetic (last six chapters). The conditions during Daniel's time illustrated the prophecies. Daniel shows the progressive degeneration of gentile rule in two ways (1) Deification of man - forcing religious worship of the king; (2) Sound judgment is disrupted by arrogance; (3) importance of spiritual disciplines under pressure; the responsibility is safety is God's, not ours; (4) The lesson of the lion's den - a picture of Christ out of the tomb. Daniel unwaivering, compromised in faith (Dan 6:10). Outline of Daniel 6: Daniel's faithfulness in prosperity (Dan 6:1-3); First decree glorifies man (Dan 6:4-9); Daniel's faithfulness in adversary (Dan 4:10-16); Divine deliverance (Dan 4:16-24); Second decree - Salvation (Dan 4:25-28). Taboos regarding Prayer (bad prayer attitudes - "reasons I don't pray"): (1) "Prayer is a gift and I don't have it". Every believer is a priest. Prayer is a sacrifice of the priesthood. We all have an obligation to pray. (2) "Prayer should be done in secret". Public prayer is legitimate but short. (3) "Prayer is optional." We must pray unceasingly (1Th 5:17). It's impossible to maintain spirituality without prayer (e.g., confession). (4) "I don't have time to pray.". You are a slave to the details of life. (5) "I don't know how to pray". This is actually a reverse attitude of arrogance (self-centered). A conversation with God is not difficult. People just want to avoid trying impressing others. (6) "I don't like to hear others pray" - also arrogant. Eyes on people, not God. (7) "I never see answers to my prayers" this shows a need to build up strength in the soul and pray short. Darius takes over (Dan 5:31). God promotes prepared people. Daniel is promoted (Dan 5:29). Darius organized the kingdom and Daniel distinguishes himself in administration - "extraordinary spirit" (Dan 6:1-4). Daniel had a different attitude "a constant servant of God" (Col 3:17). Daniel is 86 to 90 years old at this point. Age does not hinder spirit success (Psa 92:14, Job 5:26, Isa 40:31). Pitfalls of old age - dangers as we advance in years: (1) don't attempt to complete in strength and beauty; (2) disoriented to life - success in youth but assumption that you stop when you get older; (3) increased dissatisfaction with the present living in the past; (4) lack of security by human standards; (5) frustration in marraige; (6) lack of decisiveness; (7) worry about being taken advantages; (8) motivation from the word of God makes old age present (Psa 27:35, Pro 13:5). Older women should be submissive to God - "holiness" (Tit 2:1-3). Greatness in old age: (1) Caleb was 85 years old (Jos 14:6-14); Joshua was also 85 (Jos 1:1-9); Abraham and Sarah were 90 (Gen 21-22; Rom 4:17-22); Moses 80 years old when he started. 122 administrators could not find fault with Daniel (Dan 6:3-4).

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