Gene Cunningham - September 15, 2003

Daniel #10

Daniel #10

Daniel is a textbook in three ways: (1) outline of times of Gentiles - the Jews under Gentile domination (600 BC to the cross to the Kingdom). It skips the church (Revelation picks up in 96 AD and covers the church in chapters 2-3). (2) How to live under heathen rulers. Paul synthesizes this in Romans thirteen; (3) How to deal with heathenism in evangelism (Romans chapter one). Daniel supplies evidence to Belshazzar as to why he'll get judged (Dan 5:18-21). Evidence rejected (Dan 5:22-23). Judgment of God (Dan 5:24-28). God gave Nebuchadnezzar complete authority (Rom 13:1); grandeur (administration capability); glory (recognition of capability); majesty (world-wide reputation). When Nebuchadnezzar was arrogant his throne was taken away (Dan 5:20). When he believed God his throne was restored (Dan 5:21). Belshazzar did not humble his heart (Dan 5:22, Rom 12:3, Num 12:3). He knew all about his grandfather. Arrogance darkens the soul; the substitue is vein imagination (Rom 1:21). God is evident to heathens (Rom 1:18-20). God's fairness cannot be impuned (the heathen will find out). The heathen professes wisdom, but become insolant (Rom 1:21-32). The writing on the wall (Dan 5:24-28) "God has assessed your kingdom and put an end to it" (1Sa 2:3, Job 31:6, Psa 62:9, Pro 16:2). Darius is given Babylon by Cyrus the Great (Dan 5:31, Dan 10:1). Daniel (promoted by God) is set over the Medo ruled area (Dan 6:1)

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