Gene Cunningham - February 13, 2000

Cross to the Crown #3

Two sources of spiritual power: Spirit and Truth. Discipleship is to learn Christ and not doctrines. Paul's teaching transformed the Corinthians' lives (2Co 3:1-3), but they started to turn away. His credentials (1Co 6:9-11) the Corinthians had the evidence. Sufficiency comes from God (2Co 2:16). The Law kills, but the Spirit is life (2Co 3:4-6). The Law is Holy (Rom 12:7); the problem is the approach to the Law (Gal 3:24). You miss the point if you study the Law meticulously to follow it (Joh 5:37). The power of the Law is to condemn a sinner -- we're accountable to God and His Holiness (2Co 3:7-11). "Passing away" (2Co 3:11) means "rendered powerless" (e.g. like Rom 6:6). The cross of Christ rendered the Law powerless in the New Covenant. Paul's instruction is for believers. The pitfalls of knowledge focus is neglect of the Spirit (1Co 8:1, 2Co 1:4). Moses on Sinai communed with God and reflected His Glory (Exo 34:29). It's a rebuke to someone else if you're transformed. You have to rely on the ministry of the Spirit to be transformed (2Co 3:14-18). Moses veiled his face to illustrate the hardness of the heart of Israel -- an indictment on them, not Moses. He took the veil off when he (Exo 34:34). In 2Co 3:16, "turning" to God lifts the veil: turn to God from idols (1Th 8:9-10); confession (1Jo 1:9); fellowship (1Jo 1:7). If we don't have a veil we will reflect God's Glory (2Co 3:18). We will become an ambassador of Christ (2Co 4:1-6). We become a minister to others (2Co 4:7-12). We become a leading example (2Co 4:13-18). He has given us priesthood, ambassadorship, ministry (Heb 10:22-25).

Scripture References: John 1:7, Romans 12:7, John 1:9, Exodus 34:34, Exodus 34:29, Romans 6:6, John 5:37, Hebrews 10:22-25, Galatians 3:24

From Series: "The Cross to the Crown"

To get from 'the cross to the crown' we need to make decisions to live a life of spiritual dynamics using God's provisions -- His Word and Spirit. This series given in early 2006 before Gene moved back to the States outlines ten aspects of our discipleship.

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