Gene Cunningham - October 12, 2000

Biblical Chivalry #6

Biblical Chivalry #6

GOD is in the business of building men. We can only fail the Christian life by actively resisting GOD. The majesty of meekness: Psa 18:1-36 commemorates GOD giving David victory. Psalm 18 is the 2nd of the Messianic Psalms. (1st is Psalm 2, 3rd is Psalm 22) 2Sa 22 is a chronicle of David’s victories. 2Sam 23 is David’s mighty men. Psa 18:34 the bow’s strength is not in the arms, but the technique of the pull. Quivers = children; the arrows which hit a target far from us when we train them to submit to the will of GOD. Psa 18:35-36 gentleness; concept of authority and power are at the right hand or the ruler, gentleness is the key to David’s success. Mat 11:28-29 vs 29 is the promise kept from submitting to vs 28. The yoke is his work, not our unnecessary burdens; the yoke is a part of simplicity. Luk 9:23 the cross is the same as the yoke. After taking on the yoke of Christ we must grow in his word through discipleship. Eph 4: gives us the futility of the unbelievers. What are we to learn? The answer is the character of the LORD Jesus Christ. Meekness is power under control, the submission to the leadership and authority of GOD. Phi 2:5-9 is the example of meekness. Heb 10:5 example of the power of GOD in a man totally committed. Joshua 14: Example of a meek man in the Old Testament. Christians must have the spirit of a fighter like Caleb. Meekness is to our character as a bow string is to a bow. Without meekness we are a bow without a string. The string is the virtue of meekness. 1Pe 3:4 wives are the bow string to the husband. The bow and the string — each useless without the other.

Scripture References: Matthew 11:28-29, Psalms 18:35-36, Psalms 18:34, Psalms 2:3, Hebrews 10:5, Psalms 18:1-36, Philippians 2:5-9, Luke 9:23

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Men are to have a battle a romance and victory. Chivalry defined 'a knight' gentlemen in the highest sense of the word. Chivalry is a code of conduct containing courage honor and readiness. Our role from GOD is to be a man with courage endurance and love!

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