Gene Cunningham - October 12, 2000

Biblical Chivalry #4

Biblical Chivalry #4

Rev 12:1-17 History is like a woman under siege. Rom 13:1-2 Authorities are chosen by GOD, do not defy. Gen 3:1-31 Introduction points: God created man to reflect his glory Isa 43:7; ‘Man’ includes male/female, a man alone cannot fulfill man’s purpose Gen 1:27; ‘Man’ fulfilled by each playing their own role (pierce, to be pierced); Man was made in the wilderness NOT the garden; Man must observe and imitate GOD, Adam initiated faith & Eve responded; Eve was made as Adam’s War Buddy. For the Ladies - Role of Women: Gen 3:15-16 Identified by her sex; Her title “suitable helper” — Provider of the solution. Eve anticipated the savior Gen 4:1. Woman was the focus of spiritual conflict until the birth of Christ. Joh 6 — Jesus Christ watches the father; Man watches Jesus Christ: Wives watch the husband. 1Pe 3:7 revolves around keeping her (woman) on your side. Biblical role models for women: Zipporah Exo 4:24; Rahab Jos 2:6; Jael Jdg 4:5; Deborah Jdg 4: ; Abigail 1Sa 25. Noah protected woman and the seed which would crush the head of the serpent by submitting to the will of GOD. Role of woman Psa 8:2. Teach us Psa 22. Psa 18:13-20 Helps one who is mighty. Why need help? Ish 63: 3-5. Jer 31:31-34 Because of THE ‘turn of affairs.’ The vital role of marriage in GOD’s plan is that Spiritual heritage cannot be passed on without it! Mal 2:13-16. Christ’s lineage is a lineage of faith. Mary’s role model: Luk 1:38 submissive; Joh 2:4-5 Imitates; Joh 19:26-27 Anguish. Woman is to Man as the Holy Spirit is to the Church.

Scripture References: Jeremiah 31:31-34, Revelation 12:1-17, Genesis 4:1, Isaiah 63:3-5, Genesis 3:15-16, Psalms 18:13-20, John 19:26-27, Genesis 1:27, Psalms 8:2, John 2:4-5, Isaiah 43:7, Judges 4:5, Luke 1:38, Genesis 3:1-31, Joshua 2:6, Malachi 2:13-16, Romans 13:1-2, Exodus 4:24

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Men are to have a battle a romance and victory. Chivalry defined 'a knight' gentlemen in the highest sense of the word. Chivalry is a code of conduct containing courage honor and readiness. Our role from GOD is to be a man with courage endurance and love!

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