Gene Cunningham - October 12, 2000

Biblical Chivalry #3

Biblical Chivalry #3

Psa 8: David is a man after GOD’s own heart. A man after GOD’s own heart is a man in serious pursuit of GOD’s design for his life. Psa 15: A calling of every man. Gen 3:14-20 1st Man Adam created, Adam fell; punishment for Adam, Eve, & serpent. A man’s mission/standard: message to share (prophet), relationship to maintain (priest), a battle to fight (warrior), and a kingdom to share (king). Man is designed to maintain/sustain relationships. Men are to relate, rule, and reproduce. Adam’s fall - man is created in the outback, but failed in the garden. Male soul is wild and should remain so. Eve created in the garden. Job 37 GOD answers authority questions. Due 29:29 GOD reveals some things through experience. 1Pe 1:20 GOD knew the fall of Adam was coming. Rom 5:12 Adam’s sin is the greatest. Pro 24:16 a righteous man gets back up after sin. Gen 3:20-21 the solution to the fall - the seed! Jesus Christ. Gen 3:15 1st picture of Christ - a wounded warrior victorious. Rom 11:29 GOD’s promises don’t change. Men must “sort it out.” Not whine or escape. Rom 1:15 Men need to be able to say “I am ready.” Heb 2:5-18 solution to the problems of the fall - keep your eyes on Christ.

Scripture References: Romans 5:12, Hebrews 2:5-18, Deuteronomy 29:29, Romans 1:15, Genesis 3:14-20, Romans 11:29, Psalms 4:7, Genesis 3:15, Genesis 3:20-21, Proverbs 24:16

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Men are to have a battle a romance and victory. Chivalry defined 'a knight' gentlemen in the highest sense of the word. Chivalry is a code of conduct containing courage honor and readiness. Our role from GOD is to be a man with courage endurance and love!

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