Gene Cunningham - February 24, 2010

Beauty for Ashes #7

Beauty for Ashes #7

Romans is outlined (Rom 1:16-17 is a key verse): Condemnation (1-3), Justification (4-5), Sanctification (6-8), Dispensation (9-11), Transformation (12-16). The written word ⇒ learning (disciple) ⇒ patience ⇒ comfort ⇒ hope (Rom 15:1-7, Heb 6:17-19). Summary of lesson notes . Psa 119:65-72 demonstrates taking hold of the Hand (Hebrew letter teth) of the helper. Can you say that God has "dealt well with you"? "Teach me" is the cry of Psa 119. "You are good and do good" (Psa 119:68). A Good God can only use affliction to bring people to perfection in a broken world -- we need resistance. "Delight" is a love term (Psa 119:70, Psa 37:4). The author is expressing the reality of the presence of the Lord in his suffering situation. The Lord is our Helper — we are not alone (Heb 13:5-6, Jer 20:11). See in Psa 119:65-66 the combination of gratitude in hardship coupled with a desire for enlightenment and illumination relevant to his daily experience. "He who does the word of God abides forever" (1Jo 2:15-17). There's a record being written in heaven. When we see the value of afflictions, for our spiritual refining (Psa 119:65, Psa 119:68), we are enabled to endure profitably. This is Rom 5:1-5 and Jam 1:2-4 in action. Hebrew word "lamad" teaching is focused on how to live. Delight means great joy (Psa 119:71, Rom 7:22, 2Co 12:10, Psa 42:7-8).


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From Series: "Beauty For Ashes - Florida 2010"

Have you ever stood in great need of comfort and encouragement? If so you know that in time of affliction there is no thought or word that has deeper meaning nor any possession of greater value than that of effective and genuine comfort. The objective of this study is to equip us to have the assurance that there is comfort available and to know how to be comforted as well as how to be a comfort to others in the fires of affliction.

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