Gene Cunningham - January 20, 2003

A Faith That Endures #8

James - A Faith That Endures

Eternal Security sidebar:Written to doers not hearers-only Heb 6:1-6 hopox "once for all, never to be repeated". Their heart is hardened, there's nothing that can be done until they change their attitude. "Crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh and put Him to an open shame". Christ is dead to an arrogant wayward Christian (Gal 5:1-3) -- a "stranger alienated from Christ" is relationship death. Christ's sacrifice can't be repeated; it's done; the shadows of the Old Testament sacrifices cannot accomplish what Christ did once for us (Heb 9:26-28, Heb 10:6-7, Heb 10:10-11, Heb 10:25-31). People interpret Heb 10:26 to mean we can loose salvation if we "go on sinnning willfully". Context is paramount; the good news for the believer, however; Christ died once for all -- there is not a sacrifice we can offer in comparison (Heb 10:16-18); there's nothing else we need or can offer. Jewish Christians added law. Summary of James (Jam 5:7-20). Patience (Jam 5:7-11) illustrated in James: (1) counts it all joy; (2) acts on what we know; reviews truths learn; (3) has a goal for maturity; and (4) recognizes lack of wisdom and prays for it. Prayer is a necessary discipline (Jam 5:13-20). God wants us to demonstrate our love for one another (Jam 5:14). When someone was sick in James time, they were massaged with oil -- their form of going to the doctor. We need to acknowledge sin to another from whom you ask for prayer (Jam 5:15-16). Elijah knew that if his people turned from God they'd get judgment; he prayed for that; when they turned back, he prayed for rain (Jam 5:17-18). The sinner is a believer and the reader is someone who intervenes with prayer to "save his soul ", literally save his life (Jam 5:19-20, Mat 16:25-26, 1Jo 5:13-17). What does a Hearer-only look like?: hears but ignores (Jam 1:23), assumes maturity but does not attain (Jam 1:26); is a respecter of persons (Jam 2:1-4); does not live by law of liberty (Jam 2:12); has faith without works (Jam 2:14-20); loves to assume role of the teacher (Jam 3:1); displays "wisdom" that is worldly and devilish (Jam 3:14-16); needs comprehensive repentance (Jam 4:7-10); is constantly maligning and judging others in abuse of the tongue (Jam 3:1-7; Jam 4:2, Jam 4:11; Jam 5:9). What does a Doer look like?: has constant dependence on Word of God (Jam 1:21-22); abides daily in the Word (Jam 1:25); displays a compassion for the needy (Jam 1:27, Jam 2:1-4); is merciful to others (Jam 2:13); has genuine wisdom displaying the character of Christ (Jam 3:13, Jam 3:18); is patient, joyful, and triumphant in trials (Jam 1:2-4, Jam 5:7-8); and is occupied praying for other (Jam 5:13-20).

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From Series: "James - A Faith That Endures"

Given a the Washington DC Conference in November 2007 this 8-part study in James examines our faith. We are to be 'doers' and not 'hearers' only. By this we are 'justified' before men (not God). In this way James complements (and precedes) Paul writings.

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