Gene Cunningham - January 20, 2003

A Faith That Endures #7

James - A Faith That Endures

We need to rejoice in our position in Christ. Repentance should be a daily exercise -- examining ourselves (Jam 4:7-10, Jam 1:2-4). While trials build patience and endurance, we have to realize our spiritual poverty -- dependence on God (Jam 4:10). When we make ourselves judge we usurp Christ's role (Jam 4:11, Mat 7:1). We will be judged by the law of liberty (Jam 2:12), and don't know enough to judge (Jam 4:12, Rom 14:10). A "Judge" puts down others (Jam 2:4). We'll be judged with the measure we judge others (Luk 27:6-20). The standard we need to hold is in Jam 3:17. The hearer knows (oida in greek) to do good but doesn't and sins (Jam 4:17). Self-centered believers don't take action when they see others in need (Jam 5:1-6). Christ is the "Just" we have killed (Jam 5:6). Only Christians can "crucify" the Son afresh and put Him to open shame (Heb 6:10, Heb 10:17, Heb 10:25).

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From Series: "James - A Faith That Endures"

Given a the Washington DC Conference in November 2007 this 8-part study in James examines our faith. We are to be 'doers' and not 'hearers' only. By this we are 'justified' before men (not God). In this way James complements (and precedes) Paul writings.

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