Gene Cunningham - January 20, 2003

A Faith That Endures #6

James - A Faith That Endures

The value of works is what is shows about character. Teachers receive a stricter judgement (Jam 3:1) -- desiring the teachin gift is the problem. "Perfect" = "complete" or "mature" (Jam 3:2). As the horse obeys a rider, so the believer obeys the Spirit/Word (Jam 3:3). The abuse of the tongue can destroy a local body of believers (Jam 3:5-6). Forest is the local church or sphere of influence; tongue is the fire (Jam 3:4-7). The tongue is a restles evil until under control of the Spirit (Jam 3:7-12). Our greatest witness is what you do -- 'meekness' is voluntary surrender to God -- we have to lay ourselves on the alter (Rom 12:1, Jam 3:13). Envy is the most destructive of emotions (Mat 27:18, Act 13:45, Gen 4:8, Act 13:14) -- we need to acknowledge our problem (Jam 3:14). Control of the tongue is wise (Jam 3:13-18). Christ has become our wisdom (1Co 1:30). Envy and lust is creating strife (Jam 4:1-4). We should pray first for others. If we have humility, our priorities will be spiritual and will make wise decisions which result in right action and be blessed in the doing (Jam 4:5-6, Jam 4:10). The Holy Spirit yearns jealously for our attention (Jam 4:5).

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From Series: "James - A Faith That Endures"

Given a the Washington DC Conference in November 2007 this 8-part study in James examines our faith. We are to be 'doers' and not 'hearers' only. By this we are 'justified' before men (not God). In this way James complements (and precedes) Paul writings.

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